Vision, Mission, Objectives

 The pursuit of excellence in providing admission and registration services to stakeholders in alignment with overall quality standards.


Improvement of Admissions and Registration Deanship services pertinent to students and faculty by using state of the art techniques in alignment with local and international standards.



- Concluding the establishment of the Deanship and its management structure and improvement of work procedures.

- Working to provide excellent admission and registration services while applying modern techniques and striving for continued improvement.

- Improving academic guidance and making students aware of the University’s regulations and ensuring that they abide by them to achieve an outstanding educational environment.

- Improving the procedures regarding expected graduates and following up on graduate affairs in light of achieving the University’s goals.

- Focusing attention on scholarships for student exchange programs and strengthening the University’s external collaboration relationships on the local, regional and international levels.

- Improving the management and organizational aspects of the Deanship according to comprehensive quality assurance standards.