Transfer Student


The University may consider applications from transfer students providing there are vacancies available, and the following conditions are met:


  1. The applicant must meet the admission requirements that were in effect at the University in the year in which he/she obtained the Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent, or the year in which he/she registered at the University.
  2. The student must be transferring from a university recognized by PSUT.
  3. The student should not have been suspended from studying at the university from which he/she is transferring, and should hold a minimum cumulative average of 60% for the courses to be transferred.
  4. The student should successfully complete not less than half the number of credit hours required for graduation at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, according to the plan under effect at the time of the student’s acceptance.
  5. To gain admission to PSUT, the transfer student should have been enrolled under the regular system of study at his/her former university.
  6. Any course of study that was completed more than seven years ago will not be credited, with the exception of university requirements and elective courses.
1.The student presents his/her application for admission to the University.
2.The courses studied by the student shall be credited providing the description matches at least 70% of the description of the corresponding course taught at PSUT and the number of credit hours is the same as the number of hours attributed to the course at the University.  
3.The decision regarding credit given for courses is final and categorical and may only be amended or reconsidered during the first year after the student has gained acceptance.
The courses studied by the student at another university shall be credited by a decision of the concerned Dean based on the recommendation of the head of the department which teaches the particular course in question.
The courses which have been successfully completed by the transfer student shall be calculated according to the study plan to which the student wishes to transfer. The marks of the transferred courses shall not be calculated as part of the cumulative average at PSUT.
The required documents:
1.The original transcript of General Secondary School Certificate, or equivalent, certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Education.
2.The student’s original birth certificate or a certified copy.
3. A certified photocopy of the student’s Civil Affairs ID card, or passport (for non-Jordanians).
4.Three recent color passport photographs.
5. A copy of the National Service booklet (for Jordanian male students only).
6.The official ID card from the previous university, certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education.
7. A certified copy of course descriptions from the previous university.
8. Students who are transferring from outside the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan are required to submit a letter of accreditation confirming that the university from which the student is transferring is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.