Student Services

The Department of Student Services is one of the most important sections of the Deanship of Student Affairs, which the student needs throughout his university life, to provide the following services:


Our student services include:


1- Issuing car parking permits.


2-Registering students for the bus service, plus organizing and monitoring the service.


3-Issuing students with University ID Smart-cards, in cooperation with Cairo-Amman Bank.


4-Welcoming new students and organizing orientation tours to acquaint them with the University.


5-Preparing for the Student Council elections, and supervising the election process.


6-Publicizing and supervising recreational student trips and religious pilgrimages.


7-Distributing graduation robes to students and teaching faculty members.


8-Supervising the preparation of students’ financial acquittal documents.


9-supervising the distribution of students’ lockers.


10-Direct day-to-day communication with students throughout the University campus and ensuring that things run smoothly by carrying out campus patrols.


11-Receiving any lost property from inside the University and informing the students of such items.





Head of Department,
Mr. Ziad Al-Ghazawi


Tel: (+962) 6 535 9949 Ext. 440 Fax:  (+962 )6 534 7295 

Mobile:  (+962) 77 670 9176 



Supervisor of Student Services,
Mr. Mohammad Kharabsheh

Tel: (+962) 6 535 9949 Ext.106  Fax:  (+962 )6 534 7295 



Supervisor of Student Services,
Mr. Mahmoud Shawabkeh

Tel: (+962) 6 535 9949 Ext. 106 Fax:  (+962 )6 534 7295 

Mobile: (+962) 77 785 8633



Supervisor of Student Services,
Mr. Wael Khreisat

Tel: (+962) 6 535 9949 Ext. 436 Fax:  (+962 )6 534 7295