King Hussein School of Computing Sciences
Software Engineering

Software Engineering

The software engineering department was established in 2011. The bachelor program in software engineering is a relatively new discipline in the IT filed. The program focuses on the development of high-quality software system in a systematic and disciplined manner, according to international standards and the best software development practices and procedures. The program highlights the details of software development phases, such as software analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, and evolution. It also considers issues related to management, quality, creativity, innovation, software standards, individual skills, teamwork skills, and professional practices.

The objectives of the undergraduate program in software engineering are to graduate students who are able to:

• Understand the appropriate information technology concepts, and apply them using appropriate knowledge and tools to ensure the goals of the individuals and organizations.

• Managing the IT resources in an IT project..

• To cope with the new trends in the field of information technology and to evaluate the possibility of benefiting from modern trends in the IT business.

• Understand the theoretical and formal concepts that form the basis of information technology.

• Interact positively with the IT work environment and engage with the community.

The department has participated in many technological festivals such as the local and international programming competitions, and obtained advanced positions since its establishment. The department has also maintained first position ranking in the university proficiency exam.

The department also manages a Master's program in the field of Enterprise Systems Engineering with the cooperation of German-Jordanian University. It is a multi-discipline program that links the interests of the three faculties (King Abdullah II College of Engineering, King Hussein College of Computing Sciences, and King Talal College of Business and Technology). Graduates of this program acquire knowledge and skills to apply methods and tools that deals with complex business processes, and understanding effective measures for enterprise systems form IT perspectives, as well as the ability to evaluate the return on investment from IT point of view.