Social Guidance Office

The Department of Social Guidance was established at the Deanship of Student Affairs to provide the necessary psychosocial support services for university students in general and for students with special needs in order to develop the personality of the student in all its aspects.

Services of the Social Guidance Department:

  • Support services for students with special needs.
  •   Individual interviews and case study of the student.
  •   Psychological Counseling.
  •   Community Counseling.
  •   Family Counseling.
  •   Organizing awareness-raising awareness-raising courses and seminars that address the needs of students.
  •  Cooperating with relevant institutions to establish targeted activities at the university.
  •  The preparation of guidance topics affecting students published on the university's website and distributed in the form of publications among students.
  •  Conducting exploratory studies on topics related to students' needs such as: level of awareness of the dangers of drugs among university students.
  •   Organizing field visits to entities related to psychological services: such as and caring for orphans and the elderly.
  •   Forming and following up the activities and activities of students of the social and psychological guidance committee.

Social Guidance Counselor: Mrs Nour Karmool


Tel: (+962) 6 535 9949   Ext: 103  

Fax: (+962) 6 534 7295


P.O.Box 1438, Al-Jubeiha, Amman, 11941 Jordan