Scientific Day

Feb 16, 2016
The First Scientific Day:
Nine scientific researches covering the following fields by PhD students:
​1. Covert Communication using Port Knocking
2. Derandomized‐LSHADE, Dynamic Berry Ravindran algorithm for pattern matching (DBR)
3. Hybird Algorithm
4. L‐SHADE with Population Partitioning ACM
5. One Step K‐Mean LSHADE Clustering Differential Evolution
6. Regression Test Reduction Techniques‐ A survey
8. Surveys of Agile Software Development Methodologies
9. A State of the Art Study_ACM

Oct 15, 2016​ 
The Second Scientific Day

Nine scientific researches covering the fields of information security, artificial intelligence, knowledge extraction from Arabic texts and identification of the voices were presented by doctoral students. As follows:
1. Exploiting Multilingual Wikipedia to improve Arabic Named Entity Resources, Maryam Biltawi
2. Bag of concept based keyword extraction from Arabic documents, Dima Suleiman
3. Word Sense Disambiguation for Arabic text Using Wikipedia and Vector Space Model, Marwah Alian
4. Hybrid Method for Extracting Arabic Multiword Expression, Wael Etaiwi
5. Multilevel Fuzzy Inference System for Risk Adaptive Hybrid RFID Access Control System, Malek Al-Zewairi
6. Arabic Speech Recognition using FFT, fuzzy logic and neural network, Salam Hamdan
7. Textual Entailment for Arabic Language based on Lexical and Semantic Matching, Mariam Khader
8. Fuzzy Assessment of Applicant Instructors in Universities, Raghda Hraiz
9. Application of Fuzzy Logic in Website Tenders Evaluation, Dana Halabi

April 6, 2019​ 
The Third Scientific Day

Fifteen scientific researches covering the fields of nformation Security, NLP, IoT and Data Science were presented by doctoral and Master students. As follows:
1. SMS Spam Detection using H2O Framework
2. Digital Forensics: Past, Present and Future
3. Improving Collaborative Filtering Recommender System Using Semantic Information
4. A Novel Histogram Shifting Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for Color Images
5. Automated Keyword Extraction Using Support Vector Machine From Arabic News Documents
6. Movies Reviews Sentiment Analysis And Classification
7. Modernization of a Classical Data Center (CDC) vs. Adoption in Cloud Computing Calculate Total Cost of Ownership
     for Both Cloud and CDC - Jordanian Case Study
8. Sentiment Analysis for Arabic Text Using Ensemble Learning
9. Authorship Identification for Arabic Texts Using Logistic Model Tree Classification
10. The Impact of applying Different Preprocessing Steps on Review Spam Detection
11. Sentiment Analysis based on MapReduce: A survey
12. Detection of Wangiri Fraud Using Ensemble Learning
13. Evaluation Of The Naturalness Of Chatbot Applications
14. Emotions And The Structure Of The Language
15. Efficient Structured Database Schema for IoT