Registration and the study schedule

After completing the admission procedures, paying the due fees, obtaining the university number and conducting the placement tests, the student can login to the online admission and registration system using the university number and the password that was provided with the financial receipt sent by e-mail.

The student selects from the available courses online through the online registration system after referring to the guidance plan for the specialization.


Guidelines for registering your academic courses

Dear students,

With our sincere greetings,

After completing the placement test, you must register your course schedule using the registration website and choose the academic courses according to what suits your academic status and circumstances. Please note the following:

  • Students of the Schools of Business and Computing must register for a minimum of 12 credit hours. Students of the School of Engineering must register for a minimum of 13 credit hours.
  • If you unfortunately did not pass one of the placement exams, then you must register the remedial course in that subject.
  • You can register for more than 12 or 13 credit hours if you have paid the appropriate fees.
  • If you encounter any difficulty, feel free to send an email to