Quality Assurance Standards in Higher Education Institutions

A brief description of the local Quality Assurance Certificate:



The local Quality Assurance Certificate is a certificate issued by the Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC) which aims to encourage improvement through continuous self-evaluation and to ensure the provision of a quality service to beneficiaries. The certificate confirms the institution’s ability to maintain a steady record of achievement, and covers the following criteria:


  • Strategic planning criteria, including vision, mission, objectives, goals, values and strategic plan.

    • Governance criteria, including legislation, leadership and management.

    • Academic programs criteria, including teaching and learning policies.

    • Criteria for research, scholarship and innovation.

    • Criteria governing financial, material and human resources.

    • Student services criteria, including student guidance, support services and graduate outreach.

    • Community service and external relations criteria.

Quality assurance management criteria, including institutional commitment to quality improvement, scope of quality assurance work, indicators, standards, benchmarking comparisons and independent validation of evaluation.