qac Board



The Center Board

The Center’s Board is a consultative and coordinating body which exists to provide the Center with the necessary supporting measures, to contribute to the development of the University's quality and accreditation policies, and to serve the University's objectives by enhancing cooperation between the Schools, the departments and the Center. A regular meeting is held to discuss the Center’s work mechanisms in an atmosphere of high professionalism.


Members of the Board

The Vice President of the University


The Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Center


 Dean of King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research 


Dean of King Hussein School of Computing Sciences                


Professor Wejdan Abu Elhaija                                                         


Dr. Ammar El- Hassan                                                                      


Director of E-Learning Center


Mrs. Lubna Al-Jazi                                                                                 


The Board’s Responsibilities:

1. Supervising the preparation of the strategic and operational plan for quality assurance and accreditation issues.

2. Supporting the dissemination of the culture of quality assurance and academic standards.

3. Discussing the sustainable development plans and continuous improvement of the Deanships and other departments.

4. Supervising the implementation of annual operation plans.

5. Considering any suggestions for the development of quality assurance and accreditation.

6. Monitoring technical and administrative procedures for those University departments associated with the Center.

7. Monitoring the implementation of the rules and procedures governing the Center's operations at the University.

8. Coordinating with the Deanships and University departments to improve academic and administrative performance at the University.

9. Identifying the needs of the Center with regard to human resources and equipment and ensuring their availability.

10. Supervising the preparation of the annual report on the achievements of the Center and its work.