PSUT signs MoU with the International Centre for Innovation in Education

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 14:15

Princess Sumaya University for Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the International Center for Innovation in Education (ICIE) to introduce concepts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship through cooperation between the two parties by using the University platform. In addition, the aim is to create specialized programs to support talented students, and ways to recognize and back their talent.

PSUT President, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, signed the agreement on behalf of the University, while the Center was represented by its Director, Dr. Tayseer Subhi Yamin. The signing was witnessed by PSUT’s Vice President for Research and Development, Prof. Ghaith Al Rabadi, Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Al Saidi, and officers of the Talented Students Office. Attending from ICIE were Laila Yahya, Regional Center Supervisor, and Christine Tayseer Yamin, representative of the Regional Center in Jordan.

Prof. Al-Refai stressed the importance of cooperation in order to raise the performance of the University's Talented Students Office and connect students with productive institutions. He pointed out that 5% of the programs taught by PSUT are not available in other universities, such as e-Marketing and Social Media, Cyber Security and Entrepreneurship.

Al-Refai also gave a detailed presentation about the University and its academic programs, and its international activities, especially the joint programs with a number of international universities. He also reviewed its progress and outstanding efforts in the advancement of the computer, ICT and business sectors in Jordan. PSUT has boosted the sector with graduates who hold the scientific and technical qualifications to enable them to work anywhere in the world. 89% of PSUT graduates find employment in the different sectors, and the University has launched a range of unique study programs. Furthermore, PSUT has received the support of the European Union for 40 projects with the University being the grant holder for five of those projects. There has been a positive impact on its students, as well as members of the teaching and administrative bodies, due to networking with European universities and benefitting from their experiences.

The Director of the Center expressed his pride in this cooperation and promised PSUT top priority with the Center as they seek to establish a partnership and establish a headquarters for the Center at the University.

Dr. Yamin talked about the Center and the six universities that came together to establish it. The Center is a platform for technology researchers and the publishing of research, studies, books and journals in the fields of technology and innovation. The Center seeks to develop curricula through the use of advanced models such as productive education, education for critical thinking, and for creativity and innovation through the organization of conferences, gathering ideas and suggestions, setting up incubators for developmental programs in the fields of science, technology and computer sciences, and introducing the Innovation Olympics. This event is open to students and teachers at both university and school level, and is being worked upon in several countries such as Canada, USA, Germany, UAE, Oman and Ukraine.

ICIE is an international educational institution founded in France with seven branches, found in: Paris, France – Ulm, Germany – Malmö, Sweden – Istanbul, Turkey – Nairobi, Kenya – Winnipeg, Canada, Oman and Jordan. The Center is supervised by a team of scientists and is managed by the University of Sorbonne (France), University of Connecticut (USA), Winnipeg University (Canada).