PSUT organizes 2018 Hult Prize Competition and teams qualify for national and regional rounds

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 12:15



Princess Sumaya University for Technology organized a round of the 2018 Hult Prize Competition, where it was one of the first Jordanian universities to present projects by students and graduates to the judging panel. The panel included Eng. Omar Hamarneh from Hassan Business Park, Faisal Hakki of Arab Bank, Mohammed Osman, Talents team leader at Zain, and Hani Saleh, Executive Director of Hayden Freight. Also present were the Vice President for Research and Development, Dr. Ghaith Al-Rabadi, and the Dean of Admissions and Registration, Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Al-Saidi. Fifteen teams from the University took part in the competition, which was backed by PSUT’s Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship. Three teams qualified for the national and international rounds of the competition. This year's competition seeks to address youth unemployment, one of the most important social challenges facing local and regional communities. The students who qualified to compete at the regional level will select one of the 28 cities in which the subsequent rounds will be held.

The team that took first place and qualified for the regional competition takes the name ‘JO-Jojoba’, and includes Mohammed Al-Hafiz, the President of the Alumni Club, Khalil Wahab, and Adel Al-Dabbas. The second and third-placed qualifying teams from the University are ‘Mantroa’ with team members Hussain Al-Saadi, Vince Orvelli, Ali Hawamdeh, and Hazem Turki, and ‘Youth Unemployment’ made up of students Lara Halata, Aseel Halata and Omar Al-Jundi.

The organizer of the Hult Prize 2018 at PSUT, student Khalil Haddadin, expressed his enthusiasm for the University to participate in the international competition for the first time, and that he had received every support from the University administration and the Deanship of Admissions and Registration. Efforts had been made to ensure that the participating teams presented a range of different entrepreneurial ideas. He said that the students had gained considerable experience and that they would continue to work in order to achieve top positions in the regional round.

PSUT student Mohammed Al-Hafiz noted that taking first place at the University level and qualifying for the national and regional competition had had a positive effect on him and his colleagues, both personally and practically, as it allowed them to employ their ideas to help society, to protect the environment, and to assist the country. Competing encouraged them to turn these ideas into useful projects with clear goals that contribute to the development of entrepreneurial thinking among young people, and to use it to serve society and the world, and change it for the better.

Ayah Al-Mahmoud explained that her role as public relations officer on the Hult team is to introduce the Hult Prize to as many students as possible by meeting with students on campus and through social media, while maintaining a high degree of competition between the teams. Her job is to encourage cooperation and teamwork, in addition to ensuring that all requirements are met and answering students’ questions. She was also responsible for publishing some of work done for the competition on the PSUT Hult Prize website. Ayah added, “The race is not over for the PSUT Hult team. The race is now on to show the whole world that we have a lot to give, and that our potential energies will one day light up the sky.”

The Hult Prize team at PSUT, with the help of QRCE, held an introductory lecture for students enrolled in the competition, addressing the subject of youth employment through finding solutions to employ ten thousand people in the long term. The lecture was part of the activities of Global Entrepreneurship Week, 2018, and included an explanation and discussion on how to prepare and write a business plan. The students got involved and showed great enthusiasm during the lecture, which was given by the QRCE Director, Mr. Mohammed Obeidat, and lasted for over three hours.

The Hult Prize Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to launching social initiatives to transform the world into a better place, using teamwork to compete in solving the complex problems and challenges facing human society through innovative ideas developed into sustainable start-up businesses. This award aims to launch new social institutions capable of bringing about radical changes in the world, and the graduation of the next generation of social entrepreneurs. The Hult Prize is one of the top five competitions for youth around the world.