PSUT hosts a youth debate on "The concept of volunteerism"

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 - 12:30


The Department of Community Police in the capital, Amman, organized a youth debate under the title "Volunteering to Build". The debate took place at Princess Sumaya University for Technology and was organized in cooperation with the team of young people called ‘Glory Makers’ with the aim of promoting understanding among young people about the importance and value of volunteering to serve in their communities. Volunteering activities help the youth to build their capabilities, and teaches them the principle of working as part of a team to achieve goals. Attending the debate was Amman’s security chief, Brigadier Dr. Khalid Al Ajrami, who was representing the Director of Public Security, and PSUT’s President, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai.

Brigadier General Dr. Khalid Al-Ajrami said that the "Volunteering to Build" initiative aims to promote and develop the values of active citizenship through the implementation and adoption of volunteer initiatives for youth in various fields, in partnership with the public and private sectors and civil society institutions. Young people are encouraged to contribute to solving the problems facing their communities. The initiative also provides a platform for Jordanian youth to communicate and get involved with local, Arab and international issues using the art of debating to transfer expertise and knowledge, based on the priorities of Jordanian youth.

Dr. Ajrami added that the initiative was launched as part of a national campaign covering large parts of the Kingdom to highlight the role of youth as a key part in the volunteer process and give young people opportunities to show their energy and abilities as the largest age group in society. The campaign also aims to consolidate all of the institutions’ efforts and direct them to multiplying the opportunities for young people to participate in voluntary work that will develop their capacities and experience, and effect positive change in their communities.

PSUT President, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, said that the national initiative bears the slogan ‘Volunteering to Build’, reflecting the belief in the value of voluntary work and its impact on the development process. Volunteering also plays a big role in building a successful generation, capable of transforming surrounding challenges into opportunities. The initiative is working to raise the competencies of the young generation by providing suitable volunteering opportunities in various institutions and sectors to enhance their expertise and increase their chances of making a smooth entry into the labor market.

Prof. Al-Refai praised the efforts of the Public Security Forces in maintaining internal security and carrying out their duties to the best of their ability in the service of society to maintain security and stability. He pointed out the importance of supporting youth and encouraging their role in public life by getting them involved in various community initiatives implemented by the police force to enhance their participation and their role in maintaining the security and safety of the country.

The initiative works with various stakeholders to institutionalize voluntary work and build on what has been achieved in this field at the national level. A wide range of national partnerships have been opened up to provide the largest possible number of volunteering opportunities. The initiative will continue to spread to other regions and parties through the organization of a range of activities and media campaigns to reach different segments of society.