PSUT hosts 8th annual Model United Nations Conference

Monday, February 25, 2019 - 12:45


Acting on behalf of the President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Vice President Prof. Arafat Awajan inaugurated the eighth Model United Nations conference, taking place at the University campus. The conference, entitled "Tomorrow’s World, Today", aims to increase students' cultural knowledge and awareness, help them to develop strong debating skills, and equip them to discuss various global issues.

The audience observed a minute’s silence in memory of His Majesty King Hussein Bin Talal, may God have mercy on him, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of his passing.

During his opening speech, Prof. Arafat mentioned the University’s most recent achievement in the form of the students’ outstanding results in the University Proficiency Exam, as PSUT managed to maintain first place in the general level for the fourth consecutive year. He reviewed the University's progress and its outstanding efforts in moving the Kingdom’s ICT sector forward by providing highly-qualified graduates, equipped with the academic and technical skills needed to work anywhere in the world. This is evident in the fact that 89% of PSUT graduates quickly find employment in various sectors. In addition, the University has introduced pioneering new programs, as well as receiving EU support for 38 projects, being the grant holder for five of those projects. This has had a positive impact on the entire University, from its students to the members of the teaching and administrative bodies, through networking with European universities and benefiting from their experiences. Prof. Arafat went on to talk about the distinguished achievements made by the University which has carried it to a high standing among Jordanian and international universities. Since its establishment, PSUT has deonstrated its uniqueness and excellence, thanks to the guidance of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and the efforts of successive University administrations and the entire body of employees who have proved themselves a role model for dedication and perseverance. Consequently, PSUT now holds a status that puts it firmly in the ranks of international universities.

Prof. Awajan highlighted the role of student clubs in building students’ educational and life experiences and providing them with the opportunity to practice extracurricular activities that help them integrate into the university community. Clubs provide a means for students to spend time with colleagues who share the same interests. They also strongly support opportunities for development by encouraging teamwork and giving practical training in other skills such as communication and leadership. Compared to other universities, PSUT is renowned for the backing that it gives its students, striving to put into action any ideas that students may have to enable them to practice a wide range of activities and hobbies by joining numerous student clubs.

Prof. Awajan affirmed that what makes the Model United Nations Club special is that it trains students in open discussion, teaching them how to respect others’ opinions by clearly weighing the pros and cons, leading to the adoption of, and commitment to, a standpoint. It also trains students in the art of self-criticism and gives them the chance to enter into useful dialogue, examining societal issues and contributing to finding solutions to them.

The President of PSUT MUN, student Mohammad Bseiso, thanked the University administration for its sponsorship and ongoing support in promoting innovation and working to produce graduates who possess exceptional capabilities that meet the level of current technological and cognitive development.

Mohammad went on to say that it is the aim of the MUN to hold an annual conference at the University to emulate current events at the United Nations. Each student participating in the conference represents a country, speaks in its defense, and offers solutions to the issues and topics that are determined by the conference organizers. The conference also discusses the best solutions that can be applied to contemporary world problems.

PSUT graduate Majd Hamouda focused on the necessity to engage students in such forums in order to promote their intellectual maturity regarding current world events as the participating members benefit from entering into democratic debate to find solutions.

Acting as delegates representing the countries of the world in the Model United Nations, the participants put forward a number of international issues during the conference sessions, notably Turkey's accession to the European Union, Britain's exit from the European Union, restructuring of the United Nations, the establishment of a memorandum of understanding outlawing cyber espionage and any other type of Inter-State cybercrime, the appropriate and timely response to cyber attacks, atomic energy, the right to wear religion-oriented clothing and symbols, the Mexican drug war, the Iranian and Korean nuclear disarmament, state-sanctioned torture of political prisoners, the dark web, and the role of ICT in the trafficking of children and women.

The 3-day conference is attended by a group of distinguished students from international and Jordanian universities, both government and private, in addition to students from a number of Jordanian schools.

At the close of the ceremony, the participating students and event sponsors were presented with plaques and certificates.