PSUT holds honors ceremony for winners of the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018 - 14:15


Acting on behalf of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, the President of PSUT Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai honored the winners of the Ninth Session of the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC), 2018. This year, 175 teams with 300 participants participated in the competition. 26 teams qualified for the final round after competing in the preliminary stages of the award.

In his speech, President Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai emphasized that, since its establishment in 1991, and under the guidance of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of the Board of Trustees, the University has focused on providing pioneering programs that are not taught elsewhere in Jordan, that serve the country and embody the concepts of leadership and excellence. To these ends, the following programs were developed: Master of Entrepreneurship, MA in Information Security and Digital Criminology, Master of Data Science, MS in Enterprise Systems Engineering, Master of Engineering Management run in conjunction with the University of Arizona (UA), Master of Accounting in conjunction with UA, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Bachelor of e-Marketing and Social Media, Bachelor of Science in Network Security Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics and Animation. Undergraduate students at PSUT also take a compulsory course in entrepreneurship, and the University has worked on developing study plans which promote the concepts of entrepreneurship and excellence.

Prof. Al-Refai highlighted the role of Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE), which was established at PSUT in 2004 in order to serve the country’s universities and national institutions. He also pointed out the Center's most important activities, such as the International Entrepreneurship Week and the Queen Rania National Leadership Award. This year's award was designed to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship among Jordanian university students and aspiring entrepreneurs from the local community to enable them to transform their innovative ideas into successful economic projects in technology fields. The fact that QRCE has embraced this award and continues to run it every year can only be viewed as a clear endorsement of the culture of entrepreneurship among the creative young people in Jordanian society.

In conclusion, Prof. Al-Refai expressed his thanks to the strategic partner supporting this year's competition, Microfund for Women (MFW), the media for their role in publicizing such national initiatives, and those responsible for organizing this event.

The Dean of the King Talal School of Business Technology, Dr. Abdul Rahim Abu Al Basal, also referred to the technology that is being worked upon in the field of entrepreneurship and the ongoing cooperation between QRCE and the University.

Dr. Abu Al Basal pointed out that what distinguishes the competition from other events is the 40-hour "training camp" where each business model is developed and then converted into a project before being judged. The projects are directed at solving the problems and challenges facing society that demand collaboration, and also to bridge the gap between students, faculty and the local community. The Queen Rania Entrepreneurship Competition is held annually as the largest national award focused on entrepreneurship technology.

The Executive Director of QRCE, Mr. Mohammad Obeidat, praised HRH Princess Sumaya's continuous efforts in supporting the Center's activities and programs. It has become a place for global partnerships and national institutions to turn to in order to utilize its resources and expertise, which in turn helps the Center to achieve its objectives of spreading the culture of entrepreneurship and leadership among young people and investing their potential.

Mrs. Muna Sukhtian, the Managing Director of MFW, stressed the importance of participating in supporting this award, saying, “Our company’s commitment to supporting this award for the second consecutive year comes from our belief in its importance and direct impact in supporting, developing and refining the skills of young entrepreneurs, and their focus on harnessing IT in many innovative fields that can be turned into successful projects. The competition has contributed to providing employment for young people, as well as moving the wheels of the economy and putting the name of Jordan on the map of entrepreneurship at both the regional and global levels.”

The first prize was presented to Mohammed Al Khairi representing the team Womengizer, while the team Sadeed took second place with the prize accepted by Abdullah Al Oudat. Third prize went to Transit and the prize was received by Duaa Hamza.

At the end of the ceremony, the University’s President and the Director of QRCE presented the shields to the winners, the sponsors, and members of the media