PSUT’s Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship and Amman Chamber of Commerce sign MoU promoting Entrepreneurship

Sunday, July 22, 2018 - 12:45


The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) at Princess Sumaya University for Technology has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC). The primary objectives of the MoU are to motivate and support students' creative ideas and transform them into active projects in order to create new job opportunities for students and serve developing market needs.

Signing the MoU on behalf of QRCE was PSUT’s President, Prof. Mashoor Al-Refai, while the ACC was represented by its President, HE Senator Issa Haider Murad. The signing ceremony was attended by the Director General of Amman Chamber of Commerce Academy for Entrepreneurship and Business Development, Dr. Waseem Haddad, in addition to PSUT’s Vice President Dr. Arafat Awajan, a number of the University’s Deans, the Director of the Training and Computer Center, and the Executive Director of QRCE, Mr. Mohammad Obeidat.

Prof. Al-Refai emphasized the importance of this cooperation, which aims to enable PSUT students to present their entrepreneurial ideas and find the support to develop them into projects that serve the society, thus helping to bridge the gap between the educational and industrial sectors.

Prof. Al-Refai also pointed out that the University strives to develop the skills and capabilities of the students of other universities by empowering the Arab youth in different parts of the world with the knowledge, skills and abilities that will enable them to achieve their ambitions and contribute effectively to the service of their societies. The Arab Center for Youth Empowerment, opened in cooperation with the University of Prince Mohammed bin Fahd, aims to uncover the outstanding skills among young people, support them on the way to making world-class achievements, and work to strengthen the ties between Arab youth to enhance their loyalty to the Arab identity. The Arab Center for Youth Empowerment is the first of its kind to promote Arab youth partnerships.

In addition, the PSUT President noted the high level of competency among the University’s graduates. The percentage of PSUT graduates who find employment during the first six months after graduation has reached 89%. In some disciplines, 20% of students manage to secure a job prior to graduation.

HE Senator Issa Murad pointed out that the ACC is continuously seeking to support the ideas of young entrepreneurs since their projects play an important role in economic development. He said that the Chamber will continue to provide all the necessary logistical services to students in all Jordanian universities in order to support their creative ideas. Among those services is the provision of training courses and specialized workshops for these young people, in addition to providing assistance in registering and licensing the company, offering guidance and supervision of their startup projects, and connecting them with experts in all fields.

The visiting members of the Amman Chamber of Commerce to the University took the opportunity to show students of Entrepreneurship at the King Talal School of Business Technology the most important projects currently being managed by the Chamber’s Entrepreneurship Department.