Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan oversees the ceremony for PSUT’s 24th graduating class

Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 12:45



HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of the Board of Trustees at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, officiated over the ceremony held for the University’s 24th graduating class. In attendance were the guest of honor, advisor to the Board of Trustees Dr. Sanad Bushnaq, the Minister for Information and Communications Technology Eng. Mothanna Gharaibeh, a number of ministers, and other stakeholders in the education and technology sector.

During her speech at the ceremony, which was held at Prince Hamzah Sports Hall in Al Hussein Youth City, Her Royal Highness addressed the audience, saying, “This young university is proud to present the country and our King with a new batch of blessed, distinguished PSUT graduates. This academic edifice, although only a small sapling in the ground, is shooting up ever higher toward the sky, a fact that would not be possible without the good soil in which it was sown. That good soil is the Royal Scientific Society, the University’s main incubator, which is always ready to provide the necessary support and means for progress and prosperity, working toward realizing the vision of its founder and sponsor, my beloved father, the Prince of Science, His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal.”

The Royal Scientific Society has gained a prestigious academic reputation which enabled it to host the world's largest science event in Jordan, the World Science Forum 2017, which was held last year in the Middle East for the first time since its inception.

Her Royal Highness expressed her thanks and appreciation to the guest of honor, Dr. Sanad Bushnaq, advisor to the University's Board of Trustees, for his help in opening up a training opportunity at Toshiba for some of PSUTs students, and for his efforts in realizing the Princess’s ambitions to bring the first robot, named Pepper, to the University. Pepper has subsequently become an employee at the University, which was announced at the World Science Forum 2017.

Her Highness also extended her thanks and appreciation to the former members of PSUT’s Board of Trustees for their leading role and great efforts in serving the University towards achieving its mission. The Princess went on to congratulate the new Board members and wish them success in the coming period. She also thanked President Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refa'i, Vice President Prof. Arafat Awajan, and the other members of the University’s Board of Deans, as well as all the faculty members for their excellent and blessed efforts. She mentioned in particular Prof. Nihad Yusuf, Dean of the King Abdullah I School for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research, Dr. Ali Al-Magableh, a faculty member of the King Talal School of Business Technology, and Dr. Saqr Abdul Rahim, a faculty member of the King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, thanking them for their outstanding services during their years at the University. Thanks also went to Mr. Wayne Watson and the artist Hussein Al-Salman for their logistical and technical services to the University, which have had a positive effect on everyone.

Her Highness reminded the students that today, they do not only represent themselves, but they carry the name of a Jordanian national university, a leader in the field of technology that has made outstanding achievements. She urged them to be the best ambassadors for the University and the country, citing the example of Leen Hashem, a PSUT student who did a fine job of representing the University during her training at Toshiba in Japan, along with others among the body of graduating students who have raised high the University’s name in Jordan and all over the world.

To conclude, Her Royal Highness praised the excellent role played by the former Student Council in its cooperation and coordination with the teaching and administrative bodies in the interest of the University and its students. They made every effort to take care of University property, especially while the development and improvement projects were underway on campus and during the activities of the World Science Forum in 2017.

The President of the University, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, welcomed the audience, saying that the University celebrates the graduation of the 24th graduating students of the University which is today a distinguished pulpit of science, guiding the way on the path of leadership and excellence. PSUT has earned a sound reputation along this path, and has elevated itself to a prestigious position among national and international universities, recording a string of achievements that invoke a sense of pride and pleasure. This has all been in response to the guidance and perseverance of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, the President of the University’s Board of Trustees, who has set an example in her devotion to the University in her unstinting efforts to raise it up to the pinnacle among local and international universities. On behalf of the PSUT family, Prof. Al-Refai offered sincere thanks and gratitude to Her Highness Princess Sumaya.

Prof. Al-Refai addressed the graduates, saying, "Today you reap the harvest of your hard work and diligence. Your University is proud of you all and we hope that you will continue to uphold its reputation and remain loyal to the University, to the nation, and to our leader who has invested the utmost effort in the young generation.”

Prof. Al-Refai stressed that in the framework of the University's efforts to realize its vision and achieve its mission, great strides have been made, which is obvious in its many outstanding achievements, including:

1. The University received the Order of Independence, First Class from His Majesty the King for its outstanding contribution to the ICT sector and business.

2. The University was responsible for programming the first robot in Jordan, which was announced at the World Science Forum 2017 with the cooperation of the Royal Scientific Society. Dr. Sanad Bushnaq helped to achieve Her Royal Highness's ambitions of having this robot, which is present here with us this evening, join the PSUT family.

3. PSUT was the first among Jordanian universities to obtain international accreditation for its programs.

4. The University has occupied first place among all Jordanian universities at the general level of the University Proficiency Exam, held by the HEAC, for the last three years, and ranked first in 82% of its specializations in the subject level of this year’s exam.

5. At the IEEEXtreme competition, the University took first place among the Arab countries and ranked eighth in the world.

6. This year, the University secured a training opportunity for 4 students at Toshiba in Japan.

7. Under the initiative of HH Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II, four PSUT students were selected for training at NASA. As part of the same initiative, two University students were selected to undergo training at Airbus.

8. During the past year, the University won third place in the world in the Huawei International Competition held in China.

9. Also, PSUT students won first place and the title of Champion of the Middle East and Africa in the largest programming competition in the world, ACM’s ICPC, 2018, which was held in China.

Prof. Al-Refai congratulated the graduates and their families once again, wishing them a bright future, full of service and outstanding performance, under the leader of the nation and the patron of the journey, His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein. He thanked all those, from inside and outside the University, who contributed to the success of the ceremony, as well as the members of the teaching and administrative bodies and the Student Council. Special thanks were extended to the colleagues in the Royal Scientific Society, the University’s true pillar of support.

Guest of honor Dr. Sanad Bushnaq, a world leader in advanced silicon technology and a technology expert at Toshiba, Japan, talked about his academic experience in the field of microelectronics. Dr. Bushnaq invests his experience in promoting cooperation between Japan, Jordan and the Middle East. It was he who presented Pepper the robot, which was manufactured in Japan, to Princess Sumaya University for Technology at the World Science Forum 2017 to complete its development stages and translate its technical language into Arabic using technology being developed by the University’s students. After the work was completed, Pepper went on to become the first robot in Jordan to be employed at the University. At the close of Dr. Bushnaq’s speech, Her Royal Highness presented him with a shield in honor of his efforts in providing opportunities to train PSUT’s ICT students at the Japanese company Toshiba.

HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan presented HE Mr. Mohammed Jawad Hadid with honors for his tireless efforts on the former Board of Trustees. On behalf of the University, she also presented shields of appreciation to Prof. Nihad Yusuf who has completed his service at the University, in addition to those who have reached the age of 70, namely Dr. Ali Al-Magableh and Dr. Saqr Abdul Rahim. The Princess thanked them for their distinguished services during their years working at the University, in addition to thanking Mr. Wayne Watson and the artist Hussein Al-Salman for their logistical and technical services to the University.

Another feature of the ceremony was the distribution of prizes to the most outstanding students for the academic year 2018/2017, including those who graduated at the top of their specializations, and those who came first across the nation in the University Proficiency Exam. The Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan Award for Outstanding Student was awarded to Faris Anwar Hamdan for his excellent performance in a range of academic, scientific, cultural and social activities. Faris distinguished himself by being responsible for the establishment of some outstanding initiatives at the University, such as "The Volunteering Certificate" and the "SLS Campaign”, which qualified him to receive the Outstanding Student Award for his service to the University.

Students Fadi Zaban and Raghad Al-Omari were the valedictorians and thanked HRH Princess Sumaya bint El-Hassan, the University's administration and professors for all the academic and moral support that had given during the graduates’ years of study.