Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan honors Princess Sumaya University for Technology’s top students

Monday, September 24, 2018 - 10:45



Acting on behalf of HRH Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan, Chairman of PSUT’s Board of Trustees, the University’s President, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, honored the outstanding students of the 24th graduating class at a gala dinner held annually in honor of those students who excelled in their studies and other arenas. The dinner is attended by the students, their parents and families.

At the ceremony, which was held on the University campus and attended by students and their families in addition to a number of faculty members and Royal Scientific Society administrators, President Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai thanked HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan for this great initiative, which is held annually to celebrate the outstanding students. This occasion is a veritable reflection of the path of leadership and excellence that the University has chosen to pursue since its inception. PSUT’s many achievements have made it a leader among Jordanian universities, and raised it to a prestigious international status until it has become a beacon to guide all those who advocate leadership and distinction. Prof. Al-Refai also expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Vice Presidents, Deans, directors and members of the teaching and administrative bodies for their sincere efforts throughout the year, wishing them a bright and rewarding future, blessed with the highest levels of performance.

Al-Refa'i recounted PSUT’s remarkable achievements, a record that is both a source of pride and the embodiment of the University's vision and mission. At the same time, it affirms the high standing the University has attained and represents the fruit of the sincere efforts of its family. He highlighted the fact that this progress has come in response to the directives of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of PSUT’s Board of Trustees, who has carried high the banner of leadership and excellence in this University, and set an example of service and dedication in order to raise it up to the highest position among local and international universities.

Dr. Al-Refai expressed his utmost pride in the University's distinguished students, who have gained new knowledge, skills and abilities. He congratulated them on this achievement, which is the result of their perseverance and diligence. He also thanked their parents for their patience and tolerance, stating that the nation is indeed waiting for this outstanding group to show further effort and service in raising the country to a higher level. He pointed out that the University is keen to keep in touch with them and expressed his hope that they would proudly protect PSUT’s reputation and display loyalty to it, and to the nation and its leader, who has always shown great interest in the young generation and been keen to promote Jordanian universities, and help them in moving forward.

The celebration was interspersed with entertainment, national dances and songs, and at the end of the evening, the President of the University, Prof. Al-Refai, presented certificates of appreciation and shields to outstanding graduates in the following fields: Those who graduated at the top of their class in all disciplines; those who received a ranking of ‘Excellent’; those students who took top marks in the Kingdom  in the University Proficiency Exam; the students who represented the University in national and international forums; and the students who excelled in extracurricular activities in the academic, cultural, social, sports and artistic arenas. In addition, honors were presented to the members of the Student Council (2017/18), the next Student Council President for 2018/19, and the presidents of the student clubs.