The President oversees the elections for PSUT’s Student Council, 2019/2020

Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 12:15


The President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, oversaw the elections for the University's Student Council for the year 2019/2020, checking on the readiness of the electoral process and the measures taken by the University to carry out the elections in the smoothest manner.

Prof. Al-Refai took a tour of inspection of the ballot boxes distributed in each of the Schools, accompanied by Vice Presidents Prof. Arafat Awajan and Dr. Ghaith al-Rabadi, in addition to a number of the Schools’ deans and faculty members.

Prof. Al-Refai expressed his pleasure at the great apparent energy, which represents the University’s aspirations and demonstrates the students' maturity and sense of responsibility in choosing those who will represent their opinions and wishes. He was glad to see the students approach the election in a positive democratic spirit that reflects the aspirations of both the country and the University to build modern Jordan.

Dr. Rami Salem, the Dean of Student Affairs, announced the final results, naming the 22 winners of the Student Council elections for the academic year 2019/2020, as follows:

King Talal School of Business Technology:

* Business Administration:

-Reema Al-Salal

-Noor Ibrahim

-Tariq Al-Bitar

*Business Information Technology:

-Nezar Sha’aban

-Mu’taz Sha’aban

* e-Marketing and Social Media:

-Rashid Al-Zu’bi

-Qais Abu Ghosh

* Accounting:

-First: Qais Sammawi

-Second: Zaid Yousef

-Third: Farah Al-Assas

King Hussein School of Computing Sciences:

*Computer Science:

-First: Mohammad Al-Kouz

-Second: Khaled Al-Saadi

*Computer Graphics and Animation:

-First: Abdullah Abu Al-Haija

-Second: Rana Hassouneh / Quota

*Software Engineering:

-Adnan Abu Al-Nadi

King Abdullah II School of Engineering:

*Communications Engineering:

-Abdul Mon’em Bata

 *Electronics Engineering:

-Faisal Abu Daqqa

*Computer Engineering:

-Faris Al-Tawal

*Electrical Power and Energy Engineering:

-Noor Haddad

-Muhi Al-Deen Tlaib

*Network and Information Security Engineering:

-Yazan Abu Taya

-Hamzeh Al-Zaben