MoU signed between Ministry of Communication and PSUT to guide graduation projects in the direction needed by government institutions

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 12:30


The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Princess Sumaya University for Technology, aimed at directing graduation projects to serve government institutions and cooperation in the field of capacity building and innovation. The MoU was signed by ICT Minister Muthana Gharaibeh and President of PSUT, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai.

Eng. Gharaibeh said that the signing of the MoU comes within the framework of the Ministry's plan of action and its objectives aimed at supporting young Jordanian talents and benefiting from their innovations, especially those of university students, in the service of programs and projects required by government institutions. The focus falls on the graduation projects carried out by university students, and seeks to direct them in such a way as to solve contemporary issues in ICT fields which further brings out added economic value from outstanding graduation projects.

He expressed the hope that the MoU will give university students the opportunity to invest in incubators as well as successful commercial projects and programs based on scientific principles and a well-thought-out methodology. He pointed out that graduation projects are the best way to enable students to become practically qualified to enter the job market as they provide the means to apply theoretical ideas and turn them into actual products that can be applied in different areas of life. Projects may also provide an effective entry into the labor market and be the basis of the establishment of private entrepreneurial projects.
Eng. Gharaibeh also pointed out that a major focus of the MoU is to guide a series of graduation projects carried out in all of PSUT’s taught specializations to develop solutions to the requirements of the Ministry of ICT or any government institutions as needed, as well as holding software competitions to develop solutions to certain demands as specified by the Ministry.
Prof. Al-Refai pointed to PSUT’s approach in supporting the quality of the ICT industry and services in Jordan in order to enhance awareness and capabilities in ICT fields, cooperation in capacity building and innovation and training graduates in related fields to increase their skills and capabilities. PSUT strives to provide the market with distinguished graduates who possess the necessary academic and practical qualifications in the fields of ICT-related technology, electronics and business management.
Prof. Al-Refai also pointed out the availability of training courses and programs for the Ministry's staff at the University's training center, in addition to the preparation of joint awareness workshops and seminars in the field of communications and technology. PSUT also works in coordination with the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship to support knowledge stations in providing incubation services.
He added that this cooperation with the Ministry will enable the University’s graduates and students to be able to compete academically or professionally at the national and international levels, participate in building the ICT sector in Jordan, enhance scientific research in leading technological fields, and build a research base for a wide range of Jordanian institutions.