Mission, Vision, Values and Aims

Mission, Vision, Values and Aims

In its mission, El Hassan Library endeavors to play a major supporting role in the creation of a suitable academic environment where students can achieve the best results in their chosen programs of study. The Library also encourages scientific research and supports the local community by providing various types of information sources, working continuously to enhance its development in collaboration with the users according to their needs and suggestions.

The vision of the Library is to be creative and innovative in making its services and information sources readily available to as wide an audience as possible, in accordance with local and international quality standards.

The Library values are expressed as follows:

  • Excellence in its provided services,
  • Accountability, clarity and objectivity,
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence,
  • Leadership and teamwork.

The aims of the Library can be summarized as follows:

  • Providing excellent services that are continuously developed to meet the needs of beneficiaries and their expectations.
  • Developing a well-rounded and balanced print and non-print collection.
  • Organizing the administrative structure and raising the efficiency and performance of human resources.
  • Developing the library quality management to ensure continuous development and excellent services to beneficiaries.
  • Support scientific research at the University, as well as the development of strategic partnerships with other universities and institutions.