Academic Advising is a pillar in university education, where the university is interested in this aspect for it is guiding the students to get the best results and adapt to the university environment and seizes the opportunities available, by providing them with academic skills that raises the level of their education. 

Due to the importance of academic advising at the university, a special department had been established to follow up on this task in Admission and Registration Deanship, performing the following tasks:

1. Planning, coordination and supervision on the implementation of academic advising process at the university and put such actions into circulation.

2. Improve the competitiveness of the university academic counseling according to international standards.

3. Development of an advanced infrastructure, promote cooperation between all colleges, formation of working academic counseling groups and enlightment of its importance.

4. Disclosure and dissemination of regulations, directives and the rules governing the study, exams and everything related to academic services.

5. Follow-up on releasing study plans and their updates.

6. Supervising the role of instructor in the academic advising process and monitor his performance through a number of tools (office hours).

7. Prepare students to cope with university life, gain knowledge from its environment and providing them with the right information about disciplinary and educational policy at the university.

8. Provide necessary support for the struggling student during his academic walk.

9. Pay attention to outstanding students, provide what would enhance their capabilities, and support their creativity.

10. Communicate with students through social networking sites.

Tasks and committees

King Hussein School of Computing Science Committee

Dr. Rawan Ghnemat


Mr.Shareef AL-Badarneh


Mr. Mohammed Kharabsheh




King Abdullah II School of Engineering Committee

Dr. Esam Al Qaralleh


Ms. Iman Thuqan


Mr. Yasser Al Musleh




King Talal School of Business Technology Committee

Dr. Mohammad AL-khasawneh


Mr. Ibrahim Algourani


Mr. Wael Khuraisat




Supervision Programs

The success of the supervision system is based on and closely related to the close link between the student and the academic advisor in order to:
1. Create the conditions that will help the student to academic achievement and overcoming obstacles in his education and find appropriate solutions to problems that may pop up.
2. knowledge of the student's academic preference and cooperate with the academic and guidance council and the Student `s Affairs Deanship to improve student`s behavior, sharpen his personality, uplifting of his abilities and talents and energies to achieve elevation to his scientific level in order to produce a good citizen capable of interacting with society.

Student must:

Before registration:

• Review his performance in previous semester and check his grads.

• Reassurance of his academic status, and whether he has a first or second warning notice, and whether there are any prerequisite courses are not taken, or any failed courses from previous semester required to be retaken.

• To discuss with the academic advisor his former educational accomplishment, his academic position, the working plan for next semester and to make sure that he had registered failed courses and dropped ones.

During semester:

• To brief the academic advisor on any problems encountered in any course.

• To discuss with the academic advisor all economic, health and social problems that affects his academic performance.

Academic Advising programs

Academic Advising programs are as follows: -

• Orientation programs for new students are mainly to identify the studying and tests system, to achieve the necessary coping with university study and to introduce students to their rights and duties.

• Advising  programs to help students with special needs, through their university stage to achieve the highest degree of psychological ,social adjustment and academic achievement according to their abilities, and to study their problems and work on solutions, and to provide them with training opportunities according to every one`s capacity and needs.

• Advising programs for poor performance students to assist them to improve their substandard performance and achieve the desired success, and to help them to overcome problems and obstacles they face.

• Advisory programs for outstanding students to help them continuing their excellence and to encourage them to motivate other students.

• Advisory programs for scholarships students to direct them to ways that help them to   continue studying, helping them to overcome any obstacles or problems that may encounter them and to promote their scientific and academic achievement excellence.  

• Advisory programs for students of cultural exchange and joint programs to direct them to the importance of recognizing the experiences of other nations, take advantage of scientific and technological development, provide them with an opportunity to continue studying, and to represent the country and show the bright picture of our students and the achievements of our university and our beloved kingdom. 


Peer education Advisory system

The University is adopting the peer education Advisory system to provide an Advisory opportunity and to meet the needs of students, especially in the field of education and supervisory. The system attachment as follows:

Peer education system in Princess Sumaya University for Technology