Instructions and Regulations


Library Regulations - No.9 

All users should abide by the general library regulations and act accordingly.

Lending Regulations 

All employees at Princess Sumaya University and the Royal Scientific Society, whether academic or administrative, in addition to students, are entitled to use the library, provided that they hold a valid PSUT and RSS student or staff ID card.

Loan Periods


No. of books


Members of:

Board of Trustees, academic staff, and full-time lecturers


One semester

Part-time lecturers and lab supervisors


One semester

PSUT and RSS administrative staff


2 weeks

Graduate students 


One month

Undergraduate students


2 weeks

Others *   See general regulations 





  • Any user who has a history of repeatedly returning books late will have his/her lending privileges suspended.
  • Should any user lose a borrowed item, he/she is liable to pay 3X the price of the lost item.

Important Instructions

  1. Books should be charged out through the circulations desk. All books are secured and any attempt at theft can be detected through the security gate.
  2. Users should return borrowed books on or before the due date to avoid paying overdue fines.
  3. Users can ask for a loan extension by calling, emailing or by visiting the library.
  4. References, periodicals, graduation projects and theses cannot be taken outside the library. These resources are available for in-house use only.
  5. You can search for books in the online catalogue. Search capability is also available outside campus.
  6. To know the library's electronic subscriptions, check the Library Webpage, or go directly to the .e-resources link.
  7. Students are allowed to print up to 150 pages when using library electronic resources.
  8. Members of the academic staff are allowed to print up to 250 pages from items that do not circulate, taking into consideration copyright law.
  9. Students are allowed to copy a certain number of pages, in accordance with copyright law.
  10. The consumption of food and drinks, and smoking is prohibited inside the library. Mobile phones should be turned to silent mode upon entry into the library.
  11. All users are expected to maintain quiet and order while in the library.
  12. Users are permitted to take advantage of the group study rooms.  Contact the periodicals librarian to learn about regulations for their use.