ICTCS 2017 Conference Videos

The International Conference on new Trends in Computing Sciences (ICTCS2017) is organized by the King Hussein School for Computing Science in Princess Sumaya University for Technology with the support of the Scientific Research Support Fund (Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research-Jordan). The goal of the conference is to provide an international biannual forum where international scientists meet with Jordanian scientists from the different fields of computer science such as Data mining, Big Data, AI, Software Engineering, IoT, NLP, and Computer Security to exchange ideas and information on current studies, challenges, research results, system developments, and practical experiences.Aside from the regular presentations, the conference will include keynote addresses with speakers from both industry and academia.

ICTCS 2017

ICTCS' 17 workshop by Professor Omer F. Rana


ICTCS '17 Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems.

ICTCS '17 Towards a computer-automated translation (CAT)

ICTCS '17 Edge Clouds: Architectures and Deployment Models

ICTCS '17 The Future of Security and Forensic Computing in the new Education

ICTCS '17 The Future of Security and Forensic Computing in the new Education

ICTCS '17 Dynamic Evolution of Hashtags on Twitter: A Case Study from Career Opportunities Groups

ICTCS '17 A New Technique for File Carving on Hadoop Ecosystem

ICTCS '17 Development of Customs Prediction Model for Online Ordering

ICTCS '17 Cache Optimization in IPTV Network Using Big Data Analytics and Mobile Agent Technology

ICTCS '17 LSHADE Enhancement Using MTS-LS1

ICTCS '17 Optimized ANN-ABC for Thunderstorms Prediction

ICTCS '17 The Theory and Applications of the Stochastic Point Location Problem

ICTCS '17 Keynote Speech: Fuzzy Cognitive Maps.

ICTCS '17 Building Trust in Cloud Computing

ICTCS '17 Towards Multi-Core Processing in Automotive Powertrain Control

ICTCS '17 mawdoo3.com

ICTCS '17 A Framework for Real Time News Recommendations

ICTCS '17 Innovation in Education via Problem Based Learning from Complexity to Simplicity

ICTCS '17 Using Fuzzy Method for Decision Making in Local Government

ICTCS '17 Smart Water Distribution Management System

ICTCS '17 A Cost Effective Information Display System Based on Open Source Technologies

ICTCS '17 Closing Session