FAQs about Admission to PSUT


Q.1: How can I get information about admission?

All details are on the “Your Acceptance Platform” on the main page of the University's website: www.psut.edu.jo


Q.2: How can I apply to PSUT?

You can apply to PSUT online by clicking here


Q.3: How do I fill out the application form?

You can fill in the form in Arabic or English. You must fill in all fields in order for your application to be accepted.


Q.4: If I make a mistake when filling in the information in the application, can I correct it?

The information must be correct otherwise your application will be void, even if you have already been notified of acceptance. Therefore, please check and make sure that all of the information is correct before sending it, so that you can make any necessary corrections.


Q.5: Do you have a Student Guide with all the study plans, course descriptions, and jobs that graduates might enter upon completing a degree in each specialization?

Yes, all the details can be found in the Student’s Guide.


Q.6: After submitting the application, what is the next step?

Wait for a phone call or e-mail informing you about the date of the entrance examination which will be held at the university (See the Entrance Examination icon).


Q.7: Are all applicants required to sit the entrance examination?

Yes, all applicants must sit the examination, regardless of their averages in the Secondary School Certificate.


Q.8: After taking the entrance exam, where do I go?

If you pass the entrance exam successfully, you will be given an appointment for an interview with the School and the specialization of your choosing.


Q.9: I am outside Jordan and cannot travel. How can I take the entrance exam?

You can stay where you are and we will take the necessary steps through the Zoom program to arrange the time and date for the exam and the interview.


Q.10: How will I know the acceptance result?

After you successfully pass the entrance exam and interview, lists of accepted students will be issued every two weeks. The first list of admissions will be issued one week after the General Secondary School Certificate examination results are declared.


Q.11: How is admission decided upon? My average is 90%.

Your acceptance depends on the following:

1. Your passing the entrance exam and passing the interview.

2. Competition between those with high averages in each year group.

3. The number of vacant seats available in the specialization.


Q.12: If I am not accepted among the group with which I applied, will I reserve my right to apply with the following year group?

Yes, your name will be put on the waiting list, and will be entered into the competition with the next year group.


Q.13: When is the first list of accepted students (admissions list) issued?

As we explained earlier, the first admission list appears one week after the Tawjihi results are released in Jordan, followed by one about every two weeks.


Q.14: Once I have been accepted, how can I submit my documents?

The General Secondary School documents, or certified copies, must undergo equivalency procedures by the Jordanian Ministry of Education, and the documents must be submitted in full. See the link for Required Documents.


Q.15: What is the next step after submitting my documents?

After submitting the documents, go to the online application, and calculate the fees according to the number of credit hours for which you wish to register. The number of hours should not be less than 12 hours (13 hours for Engineering specializations) and no more than 16 hours. Next, you should pay the fees via online payment. See the link.


Q.16: When does study begin?

Study begins on 27/9/2020. You can see the university calendar by clicking here.


Q.17: Is study carried out online?

Study will be on campus, with the possibility that you will take one or two courses online. This may change if, God forbid, there is an emergency due to the Coronavirus pandemic.


Q.18: I am a student studying at a university outside Jordan. Can I transfer to your university?

Most gladly, if you meet the required conditions, and you fulfill the University’s admission requirements.


Q.19: Will you grant equivalency to the courses I have studied at another university?

Yes, according to the course descriptions and the study plan for the specialization for which you are accepted.


Q.20: Can I come to the University?

You are welcome at any time, but please note that all of the information is available on the “Your Acceptance” Platform.


Q.21: I am a non-Jordanian student, do I have an exception?

Yes, non-Jordanian students are not included in the policy of admission based on the competitive averages specified for each specialization. This is subject to the admission policy issued by the University each academic year.


Q.22: Are there any grants and discounts given to students with high averages?

The Deans Council shall determine whether discounts will be given or cancelled at the beginning of each academic year. This matter will be announced at a later date.


Q.23: Can I come to the university and apply?

All applications are automated, and you can submit an application from home, at the University, or from anywhere else.


Q.24: Will teaching be carried out online in the First Semester?

Teaching will be on campus, and no more than 20% of the courses will be online. These courses will mainly be University requirement course and courses given by the Department of Basic Sciences.

Please note that the nature of working hours will be decided by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.


 Q.25: If I am accepted at the University, can I study online?

You may be able to do this by selecting the courses mentioned in the previous question (Q. 25).


 Q.26: Is there a discount for siblings (brothers and sisters) registered at the University at the same time?

Unfortunately, there is no such discount.