Exchange Students

The University enjoys cooperation agreements with several international universities. These agreements include the implementation of student exchange programs which allow students to study abroad in partner universities, giving them the opportunity to increase their knowledge and refine their expertise, scientific and practical training, as well as experiencing the history, culture and traditions of these countries. These programs strengthen the framework of cooperation with the partner countries and serve to meet common goals.
The Student Exchange Program at Princess Sumaya University for Technology offers the opportunity to study abroad at international universities for one or two semesters. The University has a number of agreements with some of the most prestigious universities in Europe, Asia and America, including Hasselt University in Belgium, Bilkent University in Turkey, and the University of Michigan-Dearborn in the US. All students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs according to the conditions announced annually by the University’s Schools. 
Cultural exchange regulations:
1.During the exchange period, each student must register for and study at least four academic courses, which equals at least 50 hours per course under the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
2.The courses studied by the student during the cultural exchange period are credited on a Pass/Fail basis, and are not calculated in the cumulative average.
3.To facilitate the academic department’s approval of the courses to be studied by the student during the exchange period, please adhere to the following points:
a)  Print the course descriptions for the courses the student wishes to study during the exchange period, which can be obtained from the website of the university to which the student wishes to apply. The university can be contacted if the desired description is not available on the university website.
b) The course description should be presented for approval to the instructor who teaches this course at PSUT, and after obtaining approval from faculty members for all of the courses that the student wishes to study, the student presents them to the head of the academic department together with a registration form (learning agreement).
4. After the student receives the head of department’s signature on the learning agreement, the student sends the learning agreement with the student exchange application form.
5.Each student must have a signed learning agreement form for each university that he/she wishes to apply for.