Cultural Activity and student clubs

Student Clubs

Student clubs are student organizations fall under the supervision of Musharraf clubs student follows the Deanship of Student Affairs, plays an important role in the construction of educational and lifestyle among students experience and allow them the opportunity to practice non-academic activities will help them integrate into the university community with colleagues who share with them the same concerns, and support for opportunities developmental rich contribute to the understanding of how to work through groups also help to refine some of the skills in a practical way, such as communication and teamwork and leadership so that it is through the discovery and investment talents and energies for the benefit of university students as the Princess Sumaya University of Technology of the most universities interest student and help to translate all the ideas that come to the mind of the student enable students to practice their activities and various hobbies which where these clubs are interested in providing humanitarian services to university students and the local community.


First: Academic Clubs


  1.   The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

IEEE is the world's largest organization concerned with technology, its development and scientific research in all related fields. PSUT’s branch of IEEE is one of the most active branches across continents and has been awarded the Best Branch Award for Asia, Africa and Europe three times since its establishment.


  1. Computer Graphics and Animation Club (CGA)

This club is especially for those students who have a passion for creating animated films and games. The club organizes workshops and courses aimed at raising the students’ aptitude in their chosen field of study. It also assists students by putting them in touch with different computer graphics companies.


  1. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Programmers Club

This is a programming club, affiliated to ACM, which aims to raise the level of university students in programming skills and problem solving in order to increase their competitiveness in regional and international general programming competitions. The club has obtained top positions in both local and international competitions.


  1. PSUT Electronics and Robotics Club (PERC)

The club organizes courses in robotics and engineering, assists students in their projects and research, and presents student projects to delegations visiting the University.



  1. Association of Energy Engineering (AEE)

This club is a branch of the AEE based in the USA and it works on informing students about all kinds of electrical energy and ways to generate it.


  1. DART Entrepreneurial Club

DART works on spreading entrepreneurial thinking among university students by highlighting entrepreneurial projects and students’ success stories, as well as promoting the importance of setting up their own businesses,. It also aims to build networks between the University’s innovative students and budding start-up companies. The club’s activities are monitored by the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship.


  1. Model United Nations Society (MUN)

By setting up various workshops, this club aims at increasing students’ cultural knowledge and providing them with sound debating skills, discussing various problems that affect and influence the world.


  1.  Junior Chamber International (JCI)

This club operates under the umbrella of USA in 120 countries around the world and is aimed at developing the youth generation between the ages of 18 and 40.


  1. Astronomy Society

The focus is on the study of everything related to astronomy and cosmic physics in addition to rare natural phenomena and the movements of the planets and the stars.


Second: Cultural Clubs

  1. “Noon” Cultural Society

The first cultural society to be established at PSUT, “Noon” aims to open up the students’ minds to different cultures, increase cultural awareness, revive national heritage, organize religious and national celebrations at the University, and promote pride in the Arabic language.


  1. Debate Club

This club promotes a culture of dialogue and debating skills among students, teaching them how to respect the opinions of others and deal with them with increased self-confidence while adhering to their own beliefs. The club has won awards and prizes on the national level, as well as within the Arab world.


Third: Volunteer Clubs

  1. The Youth Volunteer Club

The club strives to highlight the role of youth in charitable giving and volunteer work, with the emphasis on organizing events with a charity aspect, in addition to running volunteering trips and excursions.


  1. Academic Reference Society

An academic club that aims to serve students and help them in their academic life, in terms of getting to know more about the available academic specializations and the goal of each. It also plays a role in guiding new students, and provides past paper questions for most of the courses covered by the University’s Schools.


Fourth: Student Initiatives

  1. The “If he were among us” Initiative


The initiative centers on the body of “Hadeeth” about the manners and morals of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and how to teach it to people, starting with our own students and then widening the circle to reach all of the universities in Jordan.

The greatest achievements thus far are:

• An annual meal to break the fast during Ramadan, preceded by a lecture from a religious scholar, such as Professor Mohammed Rateb Al-Nabulsi.

• Celebrating the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s birth.

• “Muhammad’s tent” which was set up during Open Day to remind people of the ethics of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

     2.The Anti-Smoking Initiative:

A student initiative established in 2016 by a group of students, the aim is to spread awareness and educate students about the harmful effects of smoking and try to create a clean university environment and a healthy generation. The idea arose after our beloved University became an active member of the Union of Jordanian Universities to Combat Smoking.


    3.The Initiative for Friends of Tourist and Archaeological Sites:

A group of PSUT students came together with one goal: to raise public awareness and support for tourism and historical sites in cooperation with local community institutions.


Supervisor of Clubs and Social Activities

Manar AL Shreideh

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