King Hussein School of Computing Sciences
Computer Graphics and Animation

Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics and Animation Department

The Department of Computer Graphics and Animation is the first of its kind in Jordan and the Middle East which began teaching program subjects in the academic year 2005-2006.

The program aims to integrate scientific knowledge and practical skills in the field of Computer Graphics and Animation, and follow up the most important developments in information technology and computer. Furthermore, the program provides the local and Arab market with expertise in the fields of multimedia and animation to meet the growing needs in these areas.

The study plan, which was adopted after in depth study of the animation and games needs of the industry in Jordan, and comparing the plans adopted in universities specialized in this field in the world, aims to provide students with the basic skills in computer science, and provide them with the scientific background based on a solid theoretical basis, in addition to link the theoretical knowledge and practical skills in real applications. To this end, computer labs with specialized software have been established and linked to the Internet, thus providing students with appropriate tools to receive knowledge. Classroom lectures are offered in the labs of the department to integrate theoretical knowledge with applied practical knowledge.

The department is in constant contact with the pioneers in the labor market related to animation technology, to cooperate and consult on the development of the study plan and the establishment of scientific activities and art exhibitions, in addition to providing training opportunities for the students of the department.

Department Labs

The department has three laboratories equipped with the necessary software:

1. Games programming and design Lab.

2 - Animation Lab.

3 -  Fine arts workshop.


  • The students of the department and faculty participated in organizing several conferences and exhibitions to participate in such as:
    • Creating Digital Access to the Islamic Arts and Culture
    • Jordan Gaming Summit
    • Jordan Animation Festival
  • Held several courses for students to promote some of the concepts used in various fields of computer drawing, which included the use of Maya to model the three-dimensional objects, and included applications such as Adobe Photoshop and two-dimensional animation, Adobe Illustrator and programming games using Unity.
  • Assisted in the organization of the third summit of programming games in the Dead Sea under the patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein.
  • Held courses and workshops specialized in programming games and digital content.
  • Participated in the judging panel of the 12th Arab Youth Creativity Competition in electronic design organized by the Jubilee School.
  • Held two exhibitions of the technical drawings of the student fees sponsored by the President of the Board of Trustees, held in Stuttgart, Germany (Stuttgart Animation Festival)

Activities of faculty members



Conferences and event





12-1 March 2017

Creating Digital Access To the Islamic Arts and Culture

Edward Jaser


12-17 March 2017

Creating Digital Access To the Islamic Arts and Culture

Mohanna Mohanna


24-27 July 2016

In Evolutionary Computation (CEC), 2016 IEEE Congress on

Edward Jaser


4 April 2017

In Information and Communication Systems (ICICS), 2017 8th International Conference on,

Mohanna Mohanna


22 January 2017

NamesCon, Las Vegas

Mohanna Mohanna


12-13 January 2017

FORC Pathways to forensic computing, kick-off

Edward Jaser


30-31 January 2017

EUNIT Capacity building in higher education kick-off meeting

Edward Jaser