Community Service Office

The Community Service Department


The Community Service Department was established within PSUT’s Deanship of Student Affairs under the guidance of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan. The aim is to provide services to the local community, in line with the concept of promoting and protecting human rights through the provision of vocational volunteer work.


The Department works as a community-based organization, part of the University yet firmly planted in the local community. It relies primarily on volunteer efforts of PSUT students and members of the community to implement its programs, which aim to help the community become better organized and able to participate in solving any challenges that arise. It especially focuses on any marginalized individuals or groups by taking up their issues and getting them involved, thus enabling them to participate in finding a resolution to their own difficulties. The Department strives to reach the desired results by employing professional methods that give every respect to the human rights of those it seeks to help. 


Services offered by the Department:


• The design and implementation of community-based programs as dictated by the needs of the community, founded on the principle of recognition, respect, and protection of human rights.

• The presentation of a role model for the relationship between the University and the wider community and contributing to the realization of PSUT’s philosophy and vision regarding community service. 

• The building and development of a professional model for community work based on respect for human rights and the exertion of influence by spreading that model to other Jordanian social work institutions. This can be achieved by partnering and coordinating with various local and international institutions and organizations aimed at serving the society such as the “All Jordan Youth Commission”, “Ahel Al Himmeh”, “Knights of Change”, The Crown Prince Foundation, and United Nations branches UNICEF and UNRWA.

• The dissemination of values which bolster the importance ​​of volunteer work with a view to providing partner institutions with a professionally-trained volunteer force from among university students and the wider community. 

• The provision of a practical and theoretical training ground for University students in general.

• The encouragement of social and online communication.

• The planning and organization of Deanship events both on campus and outside the University.


Units within the Community Service Department and their duties:


Community Service Supervisor:


1. To conduct field trips with students to organize and supervise the organization of events which concern the students and the Deanship of Student Affairs, both inside and outside the University. 


2. To set up networks with local institutions to provide support to students inside and outside the University, and provide services to community groups as needed.


-  Planning, Organization and Media Officer

1. To provide proposals and strategies for the provision, improvement and development of community services.

2. To prepare the necessary forms for participation in any event or activity.

3. To conduct monthly and annual assessments of the range of activities and events.

4. To conduct surveys on the services currently provided and any proposed future services.

5.  To advertise the services provided by the Department, both socially and via online media, within the University and at community level.

6.  To prepare certificates for volunteers who have participated in events.


-      Officer  in charge of International Student Affairs:

1. To follow up the necessary residency procedures for international students within Jordan.

2.  To follow up procedures for issuance of ID cards and permits for non-Arabic speakers.

3.  To helps international students to integrate into the student community by organizing meetings with them to motivate them to join the University community through participating in the student clubs and the activities organized by the Deanship.

4.      To assist them in solving any problems they may face in terms of needed services and any other difficulties.


Supervisor of Community Service Office 

Mr. Mohammad Kharoub

Tel: +962 6 535 9949  Ext: 175  Fax: +962 6 534 7295

Mobile: +962 79 923 1212



P.O.Box 1438 Al-Jubaiha - Amman, 11941 Jordan