Business Information Technology

The Business Information Technology (BIT) program is a combination of information technology (IT) and business management. A field like business information technology is interdisciplinary in nature, meaning that it combines several areas of study and expertise into one. To fully understand what BIT is, it is helpful to understand its components. The first component is information technology, which is broadly defined as the science of processing information, and increasingly involves processing and analyzing information digitally, with the aid of computers.

Information technology is the second component of Business Information Technology. IT usually refers to the setup, configuration, and maintenance of computer systems and communication, including hardware and software applications. Students of business information technology are taught not only to understand and explain IT-related problems, but also to propose and work through problem-solving and solutions, possibly by applying new strategies and technologies. Business management or administration constitutes the third component of the field, and those who study this discipline learn and develop attributes such as leadership and strategic thinking, which are important abilities for anyone in management to have.

The Management Information Systems (MIS) discipline which is mainly found in Jordan and the region is, to some extent, similar to BIT. However, there are major differences that make Business Information Technology more attractive for employers, and perhaps employees, which are:

1) BIT comprises information technology, i.e. relevant portions of applied computer science, to a much larger extent than MIS.

2) BIT has substantial constructive features. This means that a major focus is on developing solutions for business problems.

3) The emphasis of the BIT program is on enterprise system integration, and how to effectively employ the output of one system as an input to another system.

Opportunities for BIT graduates lie in the analysis and optimization of business processes and related information processes, the planning, realization and management of information systems, in application-orientated system development, IT-supported business management on the basis of a unified view of the business and its environment as an information system, and communicative roles between IT and business.




The primary objectives of the Business Information Technology program are to:

  1. Qualify the students to design effective systems, construct computer networks, perform systems analysis, manage databases and work with decisions support systems.
  2. Provide the students with the skills of developing computer application software, problem-solving and carrying out scientific research in the related managerial domains.
  3. Supply the local market and community with qualified graduates in the field of Information Systems, who are capable of affecting a clear transformation of the organizations’ performance, based on the international standards of organizational development.
  4. Assist organizations and businesses in the decision-making process, by organizing the business workload to become integrated through computerized systems.
  5. Provide graduates with skills related to the utilization of information, including the storing, maintaining, updating and retrieval of information as and when necessary to solve business challenges.