Admissions announcement for the Second semester 2018/19 (Undergraduate)

Admissions announcement for the Second semester 2018/19 (Master's)

Important announcement for all students
All students are required to view and follow-up the webpage for each student in order to view the latest announcements, dates and data for each student and update the student's data such as (telephone number, address, phone number of the guardian name in Arabic and English) through the website. The web page "serves as a formal communication" to the student. I would like all the students to be fully committed to following the page carefully, thankful for your cooperation.
Exam timetable for the academic year 2018/2019
Announcement – Student absence due to illness
Announcement for Undergraduate and Master’s students expected to graduate on the First Semester 2018/2019

Important and urgent / Students expected to graduate checking personal data, especially the name in English

Students expected to graduate in the first semester 2018/2019

Please check the personal information confirmed on the admission and registration site (student page) eg name in Arabic and English, date of birth, national number and nationality, before issuing the graduation decision

If any amendment is requested after the graduation decision,

A duly authenticated document must be submitted with the correct name, approval of the amendment by the interested parties and payment of new fees for the amended documents as per the prescribed fees

Important announcement for students expected to graduate on the First Semesters 2018/2019