Alumni Club



•Developing the technical and cognitive skills necessary for active participation in the labor market and linking the individual to work opportunities (including skills such as communication, management, problem solving, teamwork, writing CVs and preparing interviews). 

• Enhancing the participation of citizens in public life and civic participation by spreading awareness at various levels and benefiting from distinctive life and professional experiences. 
• Document the relationship that began between the students during their studies at the university and try to renew and strengthen it on the grounds that all members of the club rely on a similar cultural background taken from a single source. 
• Continuing the connection between university graduates in their spare time and meeting in an attempt to promote positive work through the club's cultural, social, sports and artistic activities. 
• To develop knowledge, create opportunities and the right atmosphere for everyone to access the resources of science and knowledge.
• Continuing to contact and strengthen the university graduates abroad and strengthen this connection. 
• Strengthening the relationship between the club and the Princess Sumaya University of Technology so that it is an extension and so that the message remains complementary to the message of science and knowledge. 
• Cooperate with official and non-official institutions in Jordan and abroad to support the movement of civilizational development in Jordan in all its fields, in a way that does not contradict previous objectives.


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