· The preparation and implementation of the work plan for the Jordanian university classification organization, which involves the gathering and checking of all information and documentation, done in coordination with the University Deanships and their units, and submitting them to the HEAC.

·  Forming a committee to review and edit the academic procedures manual to prepare it for subsequent implementation.

·   A new series of training courses, which meet current international criteria, is being prepared for the members of the University’s teaching and administrative staff with a view to honing their administrative, teaching and research capabilities and skills to ensure their ongoing development. This reflects the University’s keenness to provide its staff, each year, with a range of developmental courses, some of which are compulsory while others are optional. 

·  The preparation and implementation of the Center’s strategic plan.

·  Setting the main focus points and necessary guidelines to prepare the strategic plans for all of the University’s Schools and units, as well as taking part in their preparation and providing any needed guidance.

·  Participating in the preparation of the development plans for scientific research, academic reputation, and internationalization.

·  Preparation of a comprehensive manual to most of the procedure carried out within the University’s Schools, departments and centers, to ensure and monitor quality standards.

·  Preparation of the University‘s self-evaluation report.

·  Participating in the preparation committee that is working on gaining AACSB international accreditation.

·  Participation in gathering the required documentation for the QS Rankings. 

· Preparation of an integrated plan of action to obtain the national quality assurance certificate for the University and its study programs.

·  Preparing an integrated matrix for all national and international classification and quality requirements.

· Developing a mechanism for employee performance assessment in partnership with the committee formed to work on performance development.

·  Participating in the preparation of the job description manual and performance indicators.

·  The staff of the Center participated in a number of development and quality-related training courses.