About CSRC


Computing Sciences Research Center (CSRC) was established in 2016, by Prof. Arafat Awajan, hosted by the Department of Computer Science at the King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, it provides research opportunities and support for faculty, students and interested parties in different disciplines in the information technology field. And a strong focus on Natural Processing Languages, Security and Digital Criminology & Data Science.



To be the number one applied research and consultancy organization in the area of Communications and Information Technology.



Conduct quality research, provide consultancy & training services in Communications & IT business solutions for governments and enterprises.



  • To offer interesting research opportunities both for pregradual and postgradual students and train them within the new field of language engineering.
  • Conduct advanced research projects in the fields of communications, networks, and computer applications
  • Provide consultation and training services for the government, industrial, and private sectors
  • Strengthen interaction and involvement of the academic departments
  • predictive analytics, create truly data-driven businesses, recommenders, structured and unstructured data analysis
  • To ensure that future generations of technology will protect critical infrastructure from and respond to attacks



The center continues to embrace core values that promote the development in the fields of Communications and Information Technology. These values are:

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Collaborate Team Work
  • Commitment to Excellence


What We Do?

Provide multi-discipline research teams with unique combination of knowledge and expertise