King Talal School of Business Technology


The Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Electronic Marketing and Social Media is designed to give students a practical, real-world education that equips them for efficient navigation through the rapidly expanding world of integrated marketing and technology. It familiarizes students with the core components of successful marketing plans and newly-available electronic channels.

Initially, students take introductory courses in marketing concepts like principles of marketing, public relations, statistics, intellectual property, business ethics, and more. They also learn about web design and technology and their impact on e-Marketing. Through the study of concepts such as web design, web interface and usability, scripting languages, and more, students learn the language necessary to communicate in an ever-changing business environment.

Once a solid marketing foundation has been established, students move on to applying their knowledge to the realm of e-Marketing, such as search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, and social media. They also learn about important marketing plan components such as web metrics, IT and systems overviews, and global and cultural internet issues.  

Finally, students integrate the knowledge and experience they have acquired to develop their own unique and cohesive e-marketing strategy. By building upon the foundations of marketing with current tools and rapidly-developing technologies, this program familiarizes students with today's fast-moving e-Marketing and Social Media industry and prepares them for its continued growth and modernization.

The completion of this degree requires the student to pass (132) credit hours, covering a range of knowledge and multiple skills that meet the requirements of higher education. The program includes 81 credit hours of mandatory requirements, 24 credit hours of School requirements and 15 credit hours of major elective courses in Business.


  1. Contribute to the accomplishment of the KTSBT mission.
  2. Provide the students with the knowledge needed in the field of e-Marketing and Social Media.
  3. Develop the ability of students to use strategic thinking in developing e-marketing and social media campaigns.
  4. Develop the students' ability to collect and analyze complex information drawn from different sources to provide decision-making support in different organizations.