King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research


The Department of Computer Science at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) offers a Master of Science program in Information Systems Security and Digital Criminology (ISSC) in response to the growing need for this specialization globally, regionally and locally. The Master program in ISSC aims to prepare students to acquire scientific, theoretical and technical capacity for dealing with institutions and companies facing the risk of growing much of their information systems and computer networks to cyber crimes that are punishable by the laws.

This decision came after the consultation with specialists from public and private institutions that might be targeted for cyber crimes or their work is essential in dealing with cyber-criminal activities. These institutions include all the security branches in the Jordanian government such as Public Security, General Intelligence Department, Armed Forces, Jordan Central Bank, and Crisis Management and private sector institutions such as financial institutions, telecommunications companies and internet service providers. In addition, this program is fully accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

The primary objective of this program is to prepare students for supervisory positions in careers requiring extensive understanding and interaction with information system security and crimes. The students' desire for this program comes from the strong relation between the two sectors in areas such as computer security, Information Systems (IS) strategy and policy, cyber crimes and prevention. Another major objective of this program is to prepare students for their graduate studies at the doctoral level.