King Abdullah I School of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research

Undergraduate Research Program


PSUT is embarking on a new era where research is nurtured and encouraged. This program will engage PSUT undergraduates to encourage and elevate undergraduate research to a high level of academic prominence and external recognition. If successful, it will make PSUT a premier research institution and help attract quality faculty and students.


Students with strong academic record and an ability to explore new ideas should be encouraged to apply. Interested students may consider the following points before they apply: Student(s) need to secure a faculty supervisor. More than one student can propose to work on the same project. More than one faculty can supervise a student or a group of students engaged in an approved project. Research ideas can be initiated by students or faculty. With the proper approvals, this research can be a part of a graduation project. The research committee at the Scientific Research Deanship is responsible to approve the legible projects to be funded.

Project Approval Compensation

  • Interested students must apply through the link Form
  • Each student will be compensated 500JD.
  • Each project is approved and re-evaluated for continuous support at the end of each semester.


  • Each Student(s) is expected to perform a seminar to students and colleagues.
  • A technical report should be generated at the end of the research. This report should be submitted to a technical conference, journal or a competition.
  • It is expected that the student and his advisor to present this work at an annual research day to be held at PSUT “RESEARCH PARADE DAY & JOB FAIR”
  • Each supervisor has to fill out the following form at the end of every semester Form