Tuition fees, scholarships and grants

Tuition fees and methods of payment
The tuition fees per semester for undergraduate programs at PSUT’s Schools during the academic year 2016/2017 are as follows:
King Hussein School of Computing Sciences
Computer Science                                  }        100 JD
Computer Graphics and Animation        }       90 JD
Software Engineering                            }          100 JD
King Abdullah II School of Engineering
Electronic Engineering                                                }     110 JD
Communications Engineering                                     }     100 JD
Computer Engineering                                                }     100 JD
Electrical Power and Energy Engineering                   }     110 JD
Network and Information Security Engineering           }     110 JD
King Talal School of Business and Technology
Accounting                                            }      100 JD
e-Marketing and Social Media           }        100 JD
Business Information Technology      }      100 JD
Business Administration     }     90 JD
Note:   The student is not considered to be enrolled in the University until tuition fees have been fully paid.
Registration fees per semester
The University will collect a registration fee of 375 dinars upon the student’s first-time registration, which will subsequently be 300 dinars for both the first and second semesters and 150 dinars for the summer semester.
The University will collect the registration fees for at least 12 credit hours, as indicated in the table above.
Transportation fees (optional) amount to 100 dinars for the regular semester and 60 dinars for the summer semester.
Methods of payment of tuition fees:
Students can pay tuition fees and registration fees in one of the following ways:
Through the electronic payment system:
By visiting the financial department and paying in cash or bank checks made out to Princess Sumaya University for Technology, or through credit card (Visa, Mastercard).
By bank deposit into the University account in the Housing Bank. 
The University account number at the bank is:   0032541400101001.
Bank transfer for those who want to send external remittances, stating the student's University number and the following account address:
IBAN Number JO69HBHO 0310000032541400101001
The bases of the refund of university fees for students at Princess Sumaya University for Technology
The full university fees are refunded to the student after the completion of the University's acquittal process in any of the following cases:
Fees paid for the subsequent semester following the student’s complete and final expulsion from the University.
In the event of the student's death (God forbid) during the semester in which the student is enrolled and before the end of the semester.
If an accepted student registered at the University in any program decides to withdraw from the University before the beginning of the first day of the semester, 75% of the university fees will be refunded.
Scholarships and terms of tuition discount
Princess Sumaya University for Technology offers scholarships in its specializations, as well as a range of discounts for tuition fees as part of its strategy to attract outstanding students and help needy students. The following is an explanation of the scholarships and discount offered by the University:
Discount based on secondary school average score:
The student will receive this discount provided that the origin of the secondary school certificate is Jordanian and the student is a Jordanian citizen, according to the following table:

Discount Percentage  

Secondary School Grade

100% of Total Fees

Higher than or equal to 98% 

30% of Total Fees

Between  96% and 97.9%

20% of Total Fees (Scientific)

Between 93% and 95.9%

10% of Total Fees (Other Streams) Between 93% and 95.9%
Note: An outstanding student will continue to receive a discount provided that his/her cumulative average for any two consecutive semesters remains at 84% or above, the number of registered credit hours per semester is not less than 15, and no disciplinary sanctions are brought against him/her.
Discount for academic excellence:
The student will receive a discount for academic excellence on the condition that he/she registers for 15 credit hours in the same semester (excluding the student who is close to graduation and has less than 15 hours remaining) and as follows:
A student achieving a semester average of 90% or above will receive a discount amounting to the fees of 3 credit hours.
A student who has successfully completed 60 credit hours and has a cumulative average of 80% or above will receive a discount amounting to the fees of 3 credit hours.
A student who has successfully completed 80 credit hours and has a cumulative average of 84% or above will receive a discount amounting to the fees of 6 credit hours.
A student who has successfully completed 99 credit hours and has a cumulative average of 84% or above will receive a discount amounting to the fees of 9 credit hours.


Scholarship and grant conditions

The maximum amount of financial incentives and exemptions that may be granted to students in a semester is 100% of the credit hour fees. These discounts, and their continuation, are subject to the conditions specified in the Regulations for Incentives and Exemptions.

For further information, please visit the University website at


Student Support Fund
The Student Support Fund at Princess Sumaya University for Technology offers grants to needy undergraduate students at the University. All grants for such students shall be disbursed according to the cumulative average, provided that they meet the specified requirements of this program.
The conditions of application for a grant from the Student Support Fund are as follows:
1. The financial status of the student benefiting from the grant does not allow him/her to pay university fees.
2. The student applying for a grant is a full-time, regular student at the University.
3. The student has not been subject to any disciplinary sanctions, from a warning to a more serious sanction, during the two semesters previous to the semester in which the application for the grant is submitted. The summer semester is not counted as a semester when considering the duration of two semesters.
4. The cumulative average of the student in any semester shall not be less than (68%). The summer semester shall not be counted as a semester for this purpose.
5. New students are excluded from the requirements of (3) and (4).
6. A new student shall have an average score in the secondary school certificate, or its equivalent, of not less than 80%.
7. If the student's grant is withdrawn as a result of his/her cumulative average falling below 68%, he/she may apply for to have the grant reinstated in the semester following that in which the required average is achieved.
8. In the event of the death of the person who supports the student financially during the period of study at the University, the student may apply for assistance from the Student Support Fund committee and be granted a percentage of the total registered credit hour fees according to the following conditions:
a. Death of the breadwinner provided that this is confirmed by duly certified official certificate.
b. The student has successfully completed at least one semester.
c. The student is given this grant from the beginning of the semester following the semester in which the breadwinner died.
9. The student benefits from this grant for a period specified by the Committee.
10. Student support does not apply to repeated subjects, or to those subjects taken by the benefiting student from outside his/her study plan, and the student must bear the cost of the credit hours in these cases.
11. The grant awarded to the student shall not exceed 75% of the total cost of the registered credit hours.
12. The grant from the Student Support Fund may be combined with any other grant or incentive, provided that the total does not exceed 100% of the total credit hour fees.
13. Fund grants to students are reviewed at the beginning of each academic year. The Committee may consider applications submitted for the first time between the two semesters.
14. If any information or documents submitted to the University are found to be untrue or incorrect, the student undertakes to abide by the following:
a. To repay all amounts of support provided by the University.
b. To accept legal responsibility before the University or any related third party.
The required documents to apply for a grant from the Student Support Fund:
A certified copy of the Family Notebook.
A document showing the combined income of all family members.
A bank statement showing all family accounts for the period of one year.
A document showing the parents’ salary from the Social Security Corporation.
A document showing the parents’ salary from the Retirement and Compensations Directorate.
A certificate from the Department of Land and Surveys showing any immovable property belonging to the parents and the student.