Student Services

The Student Services Department is the most important section of the Deanship of Student Affairs because it works to provide an appropriate environment for the students.

Our student services include:

  1. Welcoming new students: At the beginning of the academic year, it is the role of the department staff to receive new students, and introduce them to University facilities and lecture rooms, generally familiarizing students with the University and its Schools. A bag is prepared for each new student, containing a CD explaining all the University’s rules and regulations. The bag also contains a small gift and a University student guide and prospectus.
  2. Issuing parking permits: At the start of the academic year, the Student Services Department issues car parking permits, which allow students entry into the University. Each School is indicated by a different color of sticker.
  3. Issuing University ID cards to the new students.
  4. Life insurance: Organizing the list of students for the purposes of providing life insurance coverage.
  5. Transportation: Advertising to students about the availability of a transportation subscription service, providing transportation for students along two routes, the City line, and the Raghadan line.
  6. Student Council: It is the role of the Student Services Department to oversee the Student Council elections and to announce the results.  The Student Council elections are held at the end of April each academic year.
  7. Open Day: The Student Services Department supervises the organization of the Open Day, and is responsible for the maintenance of security inside the University campus.
  8. Clearance: It is the responsibility of the department staff to ensure that each student, upon graduating or otherwise leaving the University, submits all University property, such as student ID and locker keys.
  9. Campus patrols: Department staff members make regular patrols of the University facilities, including the student parking lots, the cafeteria, library, public areas, and classrooms, in order to ensure the security of the students. They also supervise the running of the University bus trips, and regulate the number of students on each bus prior to each trip.
  10. Student trips: Every year, the Department organizes a number of trips for religious, entertainment, educational, and cultural purposes. The Department is responsible for supervising those trips to make sure everything runs smoothly.
  11. Graduation Day: The Department staff oversees the distribution of graduation robes to all graduating students and faculty members prior to graduation day. It is also their duty to supervise the graduation ceremony at the venue.
  12. The Department must be fully prepared to face any emergency that may arise at the University, such as adverse weather conditions.
  13. Participating in activities and events in other departments, as organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  14. The announcement of any lost or found items within the University campus.
  15. Supervising distribution and follow-up of student lockers.

Activities carried out by the Department during the academic year 2015/2016:

  1. Supervising the reception of new students.
  2. Supervising the Open Day.
  3. Supervising celebrations for the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (12/23/2015).
  4. Organizing the trip to the Islamic holy places, involving students and two supervisors from the Deanship of Student Affairs.