Student Council

About the Student Council:

The student council has an active role in strengthening the links between the university and the community at the internal level, participating in supervising the various activities besides the university, organizing and proposing social and cultural lectures and seminars aimed at public awareness, where students vote to select their representatives to participate in decision-making at the university. Enhance their leadership skills and help exchange ideas and interests

Student Council Responsibilities:

Communicate the student's voice to faculty members and management
Solving students' academic and non-curricular problems in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs
Organizing the ceremony of the new students which is held at the beginning of each academic year
Help students in their university life and stand by them to overcome crises

Student Council Members:

Members of King Hussein School of Computing Science:

  1. Ali Al-masaeed ( President)
  2. Hammam Sonjoq ( Vice President)
  3. Aya Qaroot
  4. Aws Al-Safarini
  5. Omar Mehyar 

Members of King Abdullah II School of Engineering:

  1. Sara Abbad 
  2. Rand Thnaibat
  3. Fadi Al-zaben
  4. Nasser Owainat


Members of King Talal School Of Business Technology:

  1. Saif Daoud (Secretary of the Council)
  2. Aya Al-Saifi
  3. Joudy AlSaeh
  4. Dana Awamleh
  5. Hani Thawabi
  6. Laith Qawas
  7. Saqer Daoud