PSUT signs Memorandum of Understanding with BDO in the field of Accounting

Sunday, January 7, 2018 - 11:15


Princess Sumaya University for Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with BDO, a specialist in auditing and taxation, to form a joint team working to provide information to students about the auditing profession, to introduce the latest developments in accounting and international standards, and to organize workshops on how to write an effective CV and succeed at job interviews.

The agreement was signed on behalf of PSUT by the President of the University, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, while Managing Partner Mr. Rami Samman represented BDO Jordan. The signing was attended by Prof. Arafat Awajan, Vice President of PSUT, Dr. Abdulraheem Abualbasal, Dean of the King Talal School of Business Technology, Dr. Rasha Dayyatt, Head of the Accounting Department, and Ms. Leila Rawashdeh, International Relations Officer. Also present were BDO Managing Director Dr. Jamal Al Sarayrah, and Director of Capacity Building and Training, Mr. Tarek Hammad.

At the start of the meeting, Prof. Al-Refai expressed the University's desire to open the horizon to cooperation between the two parties, working together in the fields of general accounting, tax auditing, consulting and the development of commercial consulting companies. Prof. Al-Refai made a detailed presentation about PSUT, covering its academic programs and its international activities, particularly focusing on the joint programs with a number of international universities. He reviewed the University's progress and its outstanding efforts in moving the Kingdom’s ICT sector forward by providing highly-qualified graduates, equipped with the academic and technical skills needed to work anywhere in the world.  The number of PSUT graduates who find employment in the various sectors, such as banking and communications, has reached 89%. In addition, the University has recently introduced new programs in the fields of accounting, the most important being programs leading to a Master’s of Data Science and a Master’s in Accounting.

Prof. Al-Refai pointed out that the University has received support from the European Union for 36 projects, five of which are under PSUT management. He explained the positive impact these projects have had on the University, saying that everybody had benefited from forging these important ties to European expertise, including students and members of the teaching and administrative bodies.

Mr. Rami Samman, BDO's Managing Partner, praised PSUT’s reputation, which is the reason behind the desire to strengthen ties and means of cooperation between the two sides. Each year, a total of 25 Accounting students will be provided with practical training according to the intake capacity. The graduates of these training courses will receive a letter of recommendation to back up their professional qualification as a way of assisting their entry into the labor market.

Mr. Samman expressed his hope that this would be the first of many agreements signed with the University in various fields, such as professional qualifications, holding courses in collaboration with the University's training center, and working on the development of joint programs in areas such as financial auditing.