Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) pays a huge concert toward Public relations and Media, this due to their role in featuring the splendid image of PSUT and its role toward the local and international society. DPRM represents the most suitable instrument to create positive relation with greater impact on the university deanships, faculties, and departments.



The mission of DPRP is to define and emphasize the scientific and academic status of PSUT, and strengthen its linkages with local society in its categories. DPRP plays an effective role in linking the university and other institutions and regional and international administrative bodies.

Moreover, it provides the needed facilities to carry out scientific activities such as; Seminars and conferences, and extra-curricular activities such as; exhibitions, sport championships and facilitating the mission of official delegations and receiving them in the optimal way. Regarding to the Media field, DPRP is keen toward coordinating with the media, including; Radio, television, and news agencies in order to achieve a good media coverage for the events that are organized by the university or is invited to, with taking in concern making reports and news about these activities.


The vision of public relations represents seeking out to provide a good image about PSUT, and highlight its activities and achievements for the society by using the modern methods, and keeping up on the updating technologies and Media that support the process of the preparation and planning of the future plans of the institution

  • Keeping up with the university development in all sectors and fields, achieving a good reputation for it, and helping in promoting its services and ideas through introducing others to its aims, philosophy, and activities.
  • Establishing the basis of understanding between PSUT and academic and economic institutions, and strengthen its relation with other local and foreign institutions through programs and mutual visits, holding conferences and exhibitions and participating in them in different fields.
  • Emerging strong and distinctive relations with the university administration and its employees, in order to achieve the greatest awareness toward the university nature and its message.

The Sublime goal that DPRP seeks for is establishing a good reputation and decent appearance in which will put the university in a higher position due to the role of organizing and coordinating between the different parties.

This can be achieved through the effect of its different activities and programs. The missions that DPRP performs in order to achieve that are as follows:

  1. Receiving the foreign delegations and scientific exchange, in which the university pays an increasing concern toward receiving foreign delegations. The department receives foreign delegation and prepares their hosting procedures and accompanying them, and preparing their programs.
  2. Cooperating with the concerned bodied at the university regarding the arrangements of holding conferences and seminars and specially:
    • Booking tickets.
    • Hotel reservations.
    • Receiving and meeting guests.
    • Booking & preparing the halls for conferences.
    • Prepare the printing material, and stationary.
    • Restaurant reservations.
  3. Issuing and publishing Publications prints, brochures, booklets, cards, posters, banners, and promotional materials, and introductory documentaries in which contribute in transforming internationally and locally the real image of PSUT.
  4. Following up what is published about PSUT in local newspapers, visual and audible media, and magazines, the news of education at other universities, the scientific research news, preparing the daily press report, and show it to the concerning bodies at the university.
  5. Covering the university events, and preparing a press report and sending it to the newspapers, magazines, Radio, and television to highlight the events that PSUT is preparing for both internal and external audience.
  6. Strengthen the relation with Media and inviting them to attend the events, and special occasions that happen at PSUT.
  7. Issuing PSUT Journal.
  8. Receiving the university guests, facilitating their accommodation, and paying their attention to the great image of the university.
  9. Performing all the different works and equipments that are related to the traveling of faculty and administrative members, and providing transforming means and their accommodation.
  10. Participating in organizing graduation parties, ceremonies, and different occasions.
  11. Strengthen the relation with the different support bodies. The DPRP contributes in contacting these bodies that support financially the university to perform its future projects, and highlighting its role in community service in order to gain the financial support that is needed to perform its message.
  12. Receiving student delegations that visit the university, including; mutual visits with other university students and schools. DPRP performs that in order to achieve its scientific and cultural aims.
  13. Linking the university and all of its specialized scientific centers with tourism sector in (Petra, Aqaba, and Jerash) through preparing the delegations visits, and publishing in promotional materials and brochures by contacting Jordan Tourism Board.
  14. Documenting all the occasions that are held at PSUT, using Photography and video, and archiving them in order to refer to them when needed. 15. Preparing, following up, updating, and checking the lists of official invitations for different occasions that are held at PSUT.
  15. Providing the Awards for different occasions and events.
  16. Preparing greeting cards and replaying on then in the important and official events,
  17. Participating in polarizing new students.


  1. Issuing students cards for the students who want to enroll at the university, and sending them to their addresses and providing the gates guards with the students’ names.
  2. Issuing entry pass, and working permits and accommodation for the faculty members for non-Jordanians.
  3. Issuing permits for the accommodation of non-Jordanian students.
  4. Transforming the students’ guarantees that are transformed from other universities to PSUT.
  5. Replaying on the students’ inquiries and their parents who live out of Jordan.
  6. Issuing Visas for faculty and administrative members and following up the preparing of the needed papers.

Future Vision

DPRP seeks for contributing at highlighting the academic and educational identity of PSUT in the needed way within the education policy in the Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan, in order to be in the line of updated and increasing technological and technical development. With the guidance of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, the message of PSUT message is to be the pioneer in ICT and Business specializations. Moreover, focusing on the student’s quality to provide the work market with qualified and highly skilled students to support the national market and encouraging the creativity.