Maher Maymoun and Tala Nasraween, winners of the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition at PSUT go on to win the 2017 Energy Innovator of the Year Award

Thursday, August 17, 2017 - 13:00



Maher Maymoun and Tala Nasraween achieved a huge accomplishment by winning the "Best Consultant" award for their Solar PiezoClean project. Their journey began when they took first place in the pre-start-up category of the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC) in 2015. The Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship (QRCE) at Princess Sumaya University for Technology took them under its wing in the Innovation Lab to provide an entrepreneurial environment and to ensure they received all the necessary help and support from experienced and knowledgeable people.

Dr. Abdelraheem Abual Basal, Director of the University’s QRCE, expressed his pleasure at this achievement while pointing out the QRNEC, the largest national award in Jordan, is striving towards further achievements and reaching top positions at both regional and global levels. The award also aims to affirm Jordan's good standing and help competitors keep abreast with everything that is new through effective and creative participation, thus increasing the ability of Jordanian youth to build their present and their future.

Of the vision that he is working to realize, Engineer Maher Yousef Maymoun said that the achievement is the result of the effort and continuing determination of the solar energy project team since it won first place in the QRNEC followed by a number of international competitions including the Emirates Energy Award, an award from the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2016) held in California’s Silicon Valley, and an award from Harvard University, among others. The latest accolade came when Maher was named "Energy Innovator of the Year 2017" in the USA, where he represented the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In a message to the Jordanian government, the young engineer stressed the necessity of establishing a Ministry of Entrepreneurship to provide all the supporting tools from training, guidance, official procedures and support of entrepreneurial projects. He also highlighted the importance of coordinating the efforts of the various sectors and the adoption of entrepreneurship and innovation to achieve economic growth in service of the country.

The idea behind Solar PiezoClean is to create and develop an easy-to-install system that will clean and remove all dust without requiring any water or maintenance while working automatically to remove dust from solar panels as it accumulates. The company’s next step is to complete research, develop and test this outstanding technology, which aims to increase the efficiency of solar panels and make investments in this sector more attractive. Solar PiezoClean provides a consulting service, the first of its kind in the region, using information and sources that will be used for the first time to calculate the effect of dust accumulation on photovoltaic solar panels, which in most countries with a desert climate leads to a 40% decrease in the amount of power generated which can have a huge effect on projected investment returns from solar projects.

Maher Maymoun will receive honors at the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) to be held on September 27 – 28, 2017 in the state of Georgia, USA.