HEAC issues the Jordanian classification and puts PSUT in the top (five stars) category for public and private universities

Sunday, December 31, 2017 - 12:00


In the Higher Education Accreditation Commission’s list of classifications for the private and public universities of Jordan, issued on Wednesday 27/12/2017, Princess Sumaya University for Technology has been classified as being in category one (five stars).  The classification system, set by the HEAC to measure quality assurance in Jordan’s higher education institutions, has been applied for the first time. It is based on five criteria, reflecting each university's ability to participate and excel in five main dimensions: Education and learning, scientific research, the international dimension, quality of graduates, and academic accreditation. The ultimate objective of this classification is to create a competitive reform tool for Jordanian universities that will help them achieve excellence and play a leading role among regional and international universities, thus improving the level of Jordanian higher education and marketing it at various levels. It should be noted that this classification has been prepared in line with the most prestigious international university ranking scales.

The high ranking attained by the University reflects the remarkable achievements made during its brief history, which are in line with the standards set out in all the recognized university ranking systems. This is indicative of the careful study made of the demands and challenges of the century in which we are living, the sound plan of work laid out by the University, and the extreme prudence followed in carrying out that plan.

On this prestigious occasion, PSUT’s President Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai congratulated the University family on this great achievement, which adds to the list of outstanding achievements made in the short period since the University was founded. Successive administrations have contributed to this remarkable progress at different levels, as well as the academic and administrative staff, current students, and those who have graduated from the University. Everything has been facilitated by the guidance and vision of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of the Board of Trustees, of building a distinguished generation of leaders who are competent academically and possess the necessary creative skills. This can be achieved through providing a fertile educational environment that offers the top academic expertise, the latest laboratory and classroom equipment, and suitable service facilities for students.

Anybody wishing to review the University's progress will find before him a full record of achievements embodied in real and tangible facts, reflecting the standards reached by the University in terms of strength and excellence. As room does not allow for a complete list of these achievements, we will mention but a few examples:

1.      Although the University began in 1991 with only one Bachelor's degree program in Computer Science, it currently offers a total of 13 undergraduate programs, 10 Master's and one Doctoral program. The University is distinguished by the development of programs unique within Jordan, as well as the creation of several joint programs with prestigious American and European universities (University of Arizona, Indiana University, University of Michigan-Dearborn, University of Auckland and Lancaster University).

2.      In 2002, the University received the King Hussein Bin Talal Award for Excellence in Higher Education.

3.      In 2013, PSUT obtained accreditation from the American organization ABET for the disciplines of Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Communications Engineering, and Computer Science, to be the first Jordanian university to obtain accreditation for these programs. In 2014, the King Talal School of Business Technology also obtained accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), once again being the first Jordanian university to receive this accreditation.

4.      In 2014, the University received the Order of Independence, First Class, in recognition of the rapid progress made by the University since it was founded in 1991 and its outstanding contribution in building the ICT and business sectors in Jordan, as well as its excellent record in the academic and research fields. PSUT also has a reputation for instilling the spirit of creativity and innovation in its students, ensuring that its graduates enter the local, regional and international job markets equipped with a high standard of academic and technical capabilities.

5.      The number of scientific research works published and cataloged in the SCOPUS database, the world's largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed research literature, has doubled during the last two years. During the period between 2010 and 2017, PSUT has registered a total of 26 patents.

6.      The University has received support from the European Union for 36 projects, with PSUT overseeing the management of 5 of those projects.

7.      The University periodically undertakes to administer the University Proficiency Exam, which is set by the HEAC to measure the general, intermediate and detailed proficiency of undergraduate students in Jordanian universities. PSUT has been able to achieve top positions in this exam since 2004, attaining first place in both 2005 and 2006 in the Jordanian Proficiency Exam for Computer Science. In subsequent years, the results continued to improve until, for two consecutive sessions in 2017, the University won first place at the general level among the 51 universities and community colleges. The majors in which the University ranked first in the detailed level amounted to 75% of the University's programs in the fields of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Communications Engineering, Electrical Power and Energy Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, e-Marketing and Social Media, Business Information Technology. In addition, PSUT took third place in the specializations of Business Administration and Accounting, and was ranked fourth in the field of Computer Science.

8.      In 2011, the University was ranked third in the world and came first in 2014 in the Microsoft Imagine Cup competition, making Jordan the first country in the Middle East to achieve such an accomplishment.

9.      Out of 12 Jordanian students who were selected for training in the US at the Nasa Laboratories during the period 2014 – 2017, four were students at PSUT. The students were chosen as part of the initiative of HH Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II.

10.    Two PSUT students were among four Jordanian students selected to undergo training at Airbus as part of an initiative launched by the Crown Prince Foundation and Airbus, the world's leading aircraft manufacturer.

11.    In 2016, a team of PSUT students ranked first in the Middle East and eighth in the world among the 2,200 teams in the IEEEXtreme programming competition. In 2017, the University ranked first in the Middle East and 13th globally out of 3,350 in the same annual competition, run by the international IEEE organization.

12.    In 2016, PSUT students won eight out of ten top prizes in the ACM programming competition in Jordan, including the first, second and third place. The university also won first place among the Jordanian universities and fourth place in the Arab world in the ACM competition which was held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt in 2017.

13.    In 2017, according to the QS classification for Arab universities, PSUT was ranked number one among private Jordanian universities, number four among all Jordanian universities, and 46th among all Arab universities.

14.    The University’s Debating Club won first place among Jordanian universities and seventh place in the world at Qatar’s Fourth Arabic Language University Debating Tournament, 2017.

15.    A student from Princess Sumaya University for Technology won first place in the Huawei Competition at the company’s Jordanian headquarters in Amman, with the University also taking five of the top seven positions. The Jordanian team went on to win third place in the final of the competition which was held recently in China.

16.    The University is currently working on programming Pepper, which was manufactured in Japan and is the first robot to be programmed here in Jordan using Jordanian skills. Pepper is a smart robot in human form that has been designed to live with humans and can thus be interacted with in various ways, such as voice and touch. It was announced at the 8th World Science Forum 2017 that the robot would be programmed at PSUT. The announcement of this advanced technology will fall within the educational system of Princess Sumaya University of Technology.

17.    The rate for PSUT graduates finding employment within the first six months after graduation has reached 89%, which is comparable to that achieved in prestigious international universities.

18.    The student – teacher ratio at the University is (20: 1), and it is well-known that this ratio is the ideal aspired to at prestigious international universities.

These examples of high achievement are clear evidence that excellence was the goal from the moment of the University’s inception, and that excellence has indeed been achieved by increasing degrees, year after year, and still continues to increase at a rapid pace. After only a brief period of time, Princess Sumaya University for Technology has managed to travel a long way on the road to the pinnacle of Jordanian, regional and international universities.

The latest high ranking under the HEAC classification of Jordanian universities confirms that PSUT has penetrated the stronghold of leadership ahead of other Jordanian universities. The University has raised the banners of excellence high above its buildings and academic pulpits, and decorated the chests of its entire family, the administration, employees and students, with the honors of excellence. This great achievement, which was added today to the outstanding achievements of the past, is a source of pleasure and pride for all members of the University's family and will contribute to raising the University's reputation globally and serving the nation under the Hashemite leadership, the sponsor of all achievement, His Majesty King Abdullah II, may God protect him.