Graduation ceremony for participants in courses held by PSUT’s Training and Computer Center

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 11:15



The Training and Computer Center at Princess Sumaya University for Technology held a graduation ceremony for the participants in training courses run by the Center in cooperation with the Executive Business Company (EBC). The courses led to the qualifications of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, the Professional Diploma in Shipping and Logistics Management, and Marketing across Social Media Platforms.  40 participants completed courses, representing various local institutions such as Orange, Aramex, the Jordan River Foundation, Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited (JorAMCo) and the Red Cross.

Mrs. Ola Al-Sayaydeh, head of the Department of Training and e-Learning, speaking on behalf of the Director of the Training and Computer Center, thanked the University's administration, represented by President Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, for its role in the Center’s success. She also expressed thanks to all the University’s units and departments who have been active in opening up new horizons in cooperation between the education and business sectors. This development reflects the University's determination to fulfill the aspirations of the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, and the President of the University, Prof. Mashhoor Al-Refai, in keeping abreast of modern technology and providing the international market with academic outputs equipped with advanced technological capabilities. The high quality of PSUT’s graduates raises the reputation of Jordan in general and the University in particular. At the end of the ceremony, certificates were presented to those who had participated in the courses.

It is worth noting that PSUT’s Training and Computer Center, in cooperation with the Executive Business Company (EBC), held the first course leading to the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing in the region. Digital or e-marketing is a large umbrella under which dozens of technologies and channels are used for marketing, such as email marketing, social networking, smart phones, or search engines. At the same time, e-marketing is a vast world in its own right, with its own mechanisms, tools and methods that must be exploited to maximize the benefits and expansion of this rapidly-growing field.  A great deal of work was carried out on the development of the Diploma’s content to produce a methodology through which to give the trainees maximum practical experience, taking into account the latest advancements, while taking care to diversify topics for the Diploma of Digital Marketing during 2017.