Financial Department

It is our pleasure to offer a warm welcome to Princess Sumaya University for Technology, currently the most outstanding university in Jordan, PSUT channels all its academic and financial resources into promoting the achievements and ultimate success of its students. The university provides a range of financial aid services and generous scholarships to assist students through their academic careers, easing the financial burden to free their minds up to creative and innovative thinking. Approximately 10% of PSUT’s budget is allocated in the form of scholarships in recognition of those students who show outstanding academic ability, as well as in the form of aid to students facing financial difficulties. In addition, scholarships are available for those interested in participation in the programs that involve a period of study abroad.

In the academic year 2015/2016, PSUT offered 35 scholarships for students enrolled in Bachelor of Science programs. There are also scholarships awarded to distinguished Master’s students to facilitate and raise the standard of their research work.   

The Department of Finance Affairs is always ready and willing to help and serve you. We welcome any proposal that would contribute to the development of the department and thus raise the level of satisfaction with the services provided.