Cultural and Social Activity

This department supervise the organization of cultural; social and artistic activities; such as: lectures; symposia; different parties; exhibition; trips and volunteer work camps. It gives students the opportunity to experience and organize these activities. It also supervises the activities of student clubs and the university’s student union and encourages the students to get involved in them; in addition to directing these activities toward providing the best services which are not contradiction with universities by laws and regulations. This department also assumes the task of issuing informational and cultural brochures related to students and their interests. It also supervise the formation of student artistic teams; such as the folklore dance team; the musical band and theater team. In addition; it manages the universities pertinent facilities such as arenas and the activities building.


Supervisor of Artistic Activities

Mr. Izz Aldeen Al Essa


Tel: +962 6 535 9949  Ext: 410  Fax: +962 6 534 7295

Mobile: +962 77 



P.O.Box 1438 Al-Jubaiha - Amman, 11941 Jordan 




Supervisor of Clubs and Social Activities

Mrs Manar AL Shreideh


Tel: +962 6 535 9949  Ext: 111  Fax: +962 6 534 7295

Mobile: +962 79 804 7069  



P.O.Box 1438 Al-Jubaiha - Amman, 11941 Jordan