King Abdullah II School of Engineering
Communications Engineering

Communications Engineering

The Department of Communications Engineering has built a regional reputation for excellence in teaching and research. The department strives to provide students with a state-of-the-art education that meets the advancements and changes in industry and technology.

The undergraduate program in Communications Engineering is ABET-accredited. The five year program consists of 160 credit hours and equips students with the required skills and knowledge in Cellular and Wireless Communications, Fiber Optics Communications, and Computer Networks.

The department has established close ties with the communications industry and ICT sector in Jordan. PSUT works with local industry to enhance the Communications Engineering curriculum and to train students for their future careers through internships and practical training opportunities. Students receive both theoretical knowledge in the classroom and hands-on training via internships and the graduation project. The graduation design project gives students the opportunity to work with PSUT professors in their respected areas of expertise, giving them additional opportunities to enhance their innovation and research skills.

The department provides a number of specialized laboratories, properly equipped with the latest technologies to allow students to acquire the needed practical skills that go hand in hand with the learned theoretical knowledge in various fields.

The laboratories available within the department are:

Fiber Optics Labs

Cellular Communications Lab

Networks Lab

Communication Electronics Lab

Analog and Digital Communications Lab



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