King Abdullah II School of Engineering


School Council

Name Position
Dr. Belal Sababha Council Chair
Dr. Khaldoon Abugharbieh Electrical Engr. Dept. Head
Dr. Amjed Al Mousa Computer Engr. Dept. Head
Dr. Yazan Alqudah Communications Engr. Dept. Head
Dr. Fida Moh'D Basic Sciences Dept. Head
Dr. Ahmad Tawayha Electrical Engr. Dept. Representative
Dr. Esam Qaralleh Computer Engr. Dept. Representative
Dr. Omar Bani Ahmad Communications Engr. Dept. Representative
Dr. Khaldoun Tarawneh Basic Sciences Dept. Representative & Council Secretary
Mr. Tareq Khawaldeh Community Representative
Mr. Omar Tahboub Community Representative

School Council Consists of the Chairperson who is the faculty Dean, Chairpersons of the departments, and an additional representative from each department.

The main tasks of the Faculty Council are to:

  1. Supervise the academic programs of the faculty
  2. Monitor the work of the faculty departments
  3. Improve academic standards
  4. Deal with staff and student issues
  5. Execute the decisions of the Deans' Council and Board of Trustees
  6. Carry out other tasks delegated by the Dean, which may include chairing certain faculty committees (e.g. recruitment committee, study plan committee, etc) and coordinating the role of student advisors. 

Department Council

Each academic department in the university has its own council consisting of the academic staff of the department of the rank of instructor and above. The councils hold regular meetings chaired by the chairperson of the department to discuss department-related issues such as academic programs, teaching methods, learning resources, course offerings and student registration.

The Department Council also provides advice to the chairperson of the department on such issues as:

  1. Proposals for new courses
  2. Academic assessments
  3. Teaching and learning issues within the department

Electical Department Council

Name Position
Dr. Khaldoon Abugharbieh Council Chair
Prof. Wejdan Abu El-Haija Member
Prof. Mohammad Mismar Member
Prof. Husein Al Majali Member
Dr. Samir Shaltaf Member
Dr. Ahmad Tawayha Member
Dr. Ayman Faza Member
Dr. Majd Batarseh Council Secretary
Dr. Omar Mohamed Member
Dr. jamal thalji Member
Dr. Fadi Shahroury Member

Computer Department Council

Name Position
Dr. Amjed Al-Mousa Council Chair
Prof. Ahmad Hiasat Member
Dr. Bassam Kahhaleh Member
Dr. Ali Al-Haj Member
Dr. Osama Abu-Sharkh Member
Dr. Esam AlQaralleh Member
Dr. Belal Sababha Member
Dr. Talal Al- Edwan Council Secretary

Communications Department Council

Name Position
Dr. Yazan Al-Qudah Council Chair
Prof. Abdullah Al-Zoubi Member
Dr. Ashraf Tahat Member
Dr. Omar Bani Ahmad Council Secretary
Dr. Rami Wahsheh Member
Eng. Mohammed Taha Member

Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

Name Position
Dr. Belal Sababha Council Chair
Prof. Mohammad Mismar Member
Dr. Yazan Al-Qudah Member
Dr. Khaldoon Abugharbieh Council Secretary

GSC Duties

  1. Supervise the graduate programs of the school
  2. Monitor the work of graduate students

Engineering Student Advisory Board (ESAB)

The ESAB is an 8 member's student committee, the members of which are chosen among the first to fifth year engineering students. The committee members are recommended by PSUT IEEE chairman. The ESAB members are expected to meet twice per month and will provide the students' perspectives on various curriculum issues including the development and evaluation of the program objectives.

Name Position
Zaid Al Seryani Council Chair & Council Secretary
Ala`a Zghool Member
Zaid Al Shair Member
Ammar Al Yousofy Member
Abdel Rahman Zaydan Member
Mohammed Abu Khalifa Member
Muhi Al-Deen Za`tar Member
Rami Sarhan Member

Engineering Industrial Advisory Committee (EIAC)

The objectives of the Industrial Advisory Committee of engineering departments are to involve local industry in deliberations regarding the quality of the education provided by the institution.

Other objectives include:

  1. Identifying academic requirements of industrial companies
  2. Directing applied research in areas that can benefit the industrial sector
  3. Enriching faculty experiences by providing opportunities for consultation to industry
  4. Encouraging industrial companies to participate in short courses, seminars and workshops organized by the department.
Name Position
Dr. Belal Sababha Council Chair
Mahfouz Kaseseh Member
Safwan Kakesh Member
Imad Yared Member
Zaid Ayoub Member
Basem Al Wazer Member
Anwar Elayan Member
Anwar Al-Assaf Member
Sameer Abu-Annadi Member
Mohammad Abu-Afifeh Member