Admission and Registration Deanship





Admission and Registration Deanship is the most important logistic department in the university, it was founded in 2015 to partly provide the best services to students, factuality, colleges, centers and to the society as whole. It is the entrance door to the university and the exit gate from it as well.

Admission and Registration Deanship responsibility is to follow on the students' academic march from admittance to graduation. It is also responsible on providing all information about the university, its colleges and disciplines, and responsible for implementing and monitoring implementation of granting  bachelors , masters and  doctorates degrees Instructions, and on the university study plans as well in cooperation and coordination with Deans, faculty, administrative and academic counselors. The Deanship is also concerned with internal and external scholarships procedures and the joint programs with US and European universities, as well as following up on graduates and sustain relation with them as well and according to the vision and goals of the university`s mission.

The Deanship is focusing on Academic advising process, especially after having a representation in the Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA), in addition to the follow-up on the application of quality assurance requirements, by having the information and by implementation of instructions, auditing the academic positions, and draw attention to the level and the extent of its development.

The Deanship is working hard to utilize new technologies that contribute to the improvement of work processes, and thus provide better services to our dear students, at the right time with high professionalism.

Finally, we are committed, and by the support of God to making our  Registration and Admission Deanship  distinctive comparing to other universities Registration and Admission Deanship in the Kingdom and in the region.

We wish our dear students a continuous success during their study periods, and a bright future after graduation.


Dr. Ibrahim Abdul Ghafoor Ibrahim Al Saidi    

Dean of admission and registration