Major Faculties BSc Average Tuition Fees (JD / Per CH)
Computer Science M.Sc. Computing Sciences Good 150
Environment Management M.Sc. Business and Technology Good 150
Global Lancaster MBA Business and Technology Good + 2 years of practical experience 300
Electrical Engineering M.Sc. King Abdullah II Faculty of Engineering   150
Master in Business Entrepreneurship Business and Technology   150
IT Security and Digital Criminology M.Sc. Computing Sciences   150
Computer Science PhD Computing Sciences   New

Miscellaneous Fees

  1. Enrollment Form fees (for one time only) 50 JD
  2. Miscellaneous fees for admission and registration (for one time only) 50 JD
  3. Miscellaneous fees for the each semester 350 JD

Required Documents

  1. An official transcript of the General Secondary Certificate of Higher Education or its equivalent and an authorized copy in both Arabic and English
  2. An original birth certificate or an authorized official copy
  3. An official authorized copy of the identity card for Jordanians or passport for non-Jordanians
  4. New color personal photos
  5. Official Transcript and Certificate of BSc authorized from the Ministry of Higher Education
  6. Non Jordanian BSc certificates should be authorized from the Ministry of Higher Education